Photographer helps brands look their best

Caitlin Antje, Cleveland photographer
Caitlin Antje wants to make your business look beautiful. The local photographer works with her clients to build a library of custom, consistent imagery they can use in their marketing efforts. Antje answered some questions for us about starting her own business, what makes a good photo and the importance of strong photography for a brand.
  • Wedding wardrobe dilemmas solved

    It's mid-summer, and wedding season is in full force! After buying the perfect gift for the happy couple, the next item of purchase for any fabulous guest should be an outfit that looks great, whether you're planning on scrambling to catch the bouquet, hanging out by the bar or standing guard next to those tiny, monogrammed cupcake mountains. This can be a difficult event to get dressed for, but never fear, this article is here to help with tips and suggestions.
  • Color me impressed

    Color Nation is a neat salon set in a great location in Rocky River on Detroit Road. The salon opened five years ago and has a great staff of stylists.
  • One-of-a-kind

    Georgianna Bojtos always appreciated jewelry of the highest quality. But hand-crafted jewelry was hard to find in Cleveland in 1977 – a time when most jewelry was mass produced. When her husband needed to buy her a gift, he often purchased museum jewelry reproductions. This changed when the two made a discovery while on a trip to Chicago.
  • Treated like family

    To some, myself included, a hair appointment can be as dreadful as a dentist appointment. The apprehension we feel for hair appointments has most likely developed from a previous bad experience or two that we have had. However, at Lucia’s...the Salon in Hudson, you will be able to not only trust your stylist, but you will actually enjoy the experience you receive.
  • Tremont’s modern treasure

    Hidden only 10 minutes away from practically anywhere in Cleveland is the small, yet lively, community of Tremont. Filled with architecturally stunning churches and homes, award-winning restaurants and art galleries, Tremont is also home to one of the most sophisticated boutiques in Cleveland.
  • Selling service for generations

    A medium-sized wooden box sits on a corner desk at Ford’s Clothier in Rocky River. The box is filled with index cards with customers’ names and their purchases. Owner Tom Gorton says the index cards help him build relationships with his customers.
  • The Cleveland Fashion Show

    Fashion Week Cleveland presented The Cleveland Fashion Show on June 12 at La Place in Beachwood. The collections consisted of work from collegiate and American designers.
  • Christopher Boyle

    Fashion designer Christopher Boyle will debut his first solo dress collection on Sat., June 12, during Fashion Week Cleveland’sAmerican Designer Fashion Show.
  • Lisa Malanij

    The time has come again for Fashion Week Cleveland. I had the pleasure of asking local designer and Kent State University alum Lisa Malanij a few questions. Malanij's designs will be featured at Fashion Week Cleveland's Cleveland Fashion Show on Saturday, June 19.