One-of-a-kind style


My Song Boutique opened its fashionable doors on May 8, 2010. Owners Jackie Bertolette and Rebecca MacMillan are passionate about fashion and are dedicated to bringing it to the local communities in Cleveland.

Their goal is to bring fashion-forward looks to the Midwest at affordable prices. 

In the last year and a half, the duo launched R.J. Luna Dreamwear, a line they now carry in their store.

The makings of My Song Boutique began when friends of theirs from Spray U Tan came across a great space to split, which eventually evolved into Jackie and Rebecca having the entire space. 

Rebecca said, "It fell into our laps, and we had to take a leap. Like Tim Gunn, you make it work."

Jackie’s husband, a musician, came up with the shop's name, My Song. "Every woman has a song, what you like - it’s your fashion," said Jackie. Both women loved the idea and Rebecca added, "Every woman is one of a kind." 

The boutique carries everything from business attire to club wear. 

Jackie scours the Internet for hours at a time to find new merchandise. She likes to add at least one new item a week. 

When buying merchandise, Jackie first looks for style (how much it pushes the envelope), price (staying affordable is key), trends, and most importantly, quality. 

My Song Boutique carries short runs, which means once an item or size is bought, it is gone and not reordered. Six sizes per item are bought, usually small, medium and large. 

In designing the store, Jackie and Rebecca created an atmosphere of somewhere they would like to shop. "High-end experience without the high-end price tag," said Jackie. She likes the idea of shoppers seeing something new and different each time they visit the store. 

The shop does not carry denim because they try to stay a step ahead of casual. Rebecca said, "[We should] not be afraid to look good and be comfortable."

My Song Boutique also hosts various classes, including jewelry making, skin analysis, trends, and other fashion-related topics. They have started offering kids’ classes as well; Jackie’s son came up with the name "Chic Kids Club" for these lessons. 

The availability of upscale looks at affordable prices and the friendly owners make the boutique a great stop. The one-of-kind merchandise is an added bonus, because by carrying short runs, the store considerably lowers the chance of someone else owning an item you purchase there. 

Jackie and Rebecca’s dream of owning their own shop has come true, and now they hope their desire to help the community will follow soon. 

My Song Boutique is located at 37920 Vine Street in Willoughby.

Thursday, August 12, 2010