Unmasking design beauty


Vanni Wang unmasked her couture design line at LaCentre on October 30. Wang's company, Lucio Vanni, will be headquartered in Greater Cleveland. 

Virginia Marti Veith, founder of Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, located in Lakewood, was in attendance. Veith said, “She [Wang] came to Cleveland to start something for us.” She added that the city needed “quality clothing and classic clothing, which [Wang] is on to.” 

Wang started at the age of 13 and has been a business entrepreneur for 20 years. Emcee Katherine Miracle, adjunct professor at Virginia Marti, said, “[Wang's] motives are to make women look beautiful.”

There were three sets of clothing unmasked. 

The first set exuded femininity at its best, with designs including angelic pieces in whites, yellow, green, pinks and floral patterns. The set opened with a long flowy white gown accessorized with angel wings. 

The second set was labeled Classic Design Revealed. The set featured sequins, gloves, metallics, feathers and shiny fabrics. 

The final set was all about details. The designs were elegant gowns. The details were delicate and breathtaking. Tulle played a role for the final set. The fabric and color choices, including red, pink, turquoise, gold, black and floral, were stunning. 

The finale number was a bridal gown. 

Donna Johnson, mother of model Chan’lle Johnson, said, “[Wang is] so much fun and passionate about her work. It’s great she’s staying in Cleveland and to do a couture line.” 

Former Project Runway contestant Valerie Mayen was a special guest at the unmasking. 

Maria Pujana of Marise Designs displayed her jewelry line in the lobby. She has been designing for 10 years and sells her line at Saks. This year she participated in Spain’s Fashion Week. 

Pujana said, “Cleveland has the passion for fashion.”

Sunday, November 7, 2010