Form to Fashion

On May 14, the first annual Form to Fashion event was held at Beachwood Place. 

Garments created by 20 designers from Ursuline College and Virginia Marti College of Art and Design were initially featured on the runway. From this group, seven contestants were chosen to compete in the Form to Fashion show. 

The garments had been on display in the mall since April 22. Voting for the designs began several days later on April 25, during which time shoppers of the mall could vote on their favorite overall garments. The grand prize was a $500 gift card to Beachwood Place. 

The competition was incredibly tough, being that so many amazing and well constructed garments came down the runway. Designs of all colors and styles paraded down the catwalk. Florals and houndstooth fabrics and colored pipings accentuated the clothing. Designers created everything from winter coats to evening gowns, flirty dresses to futuristic concepts. Cut-out leggings and utility zippers were a few of the details that were added into some designers' garments. 

Natalie Koch was the talented designer to win the competition. Koch's garment was futuristic with a feminine and elegant look. She created a black sleeveless top/dress that was fluid and draped throughout the sides and back. It was accentuated with deep purple fabric, adding a pop of color. She styled her garment with black cropped leggings and black pumps. The construction was conceptual and executed with precision. 

Other looks included:

A flirty and fun layered floral skirt was paired with a black leather vest, accentuated with a modern utility zipper down the back. It was styled with stylish grey and black cheetah print leggings and black pumps. 

A futuristic black jacket with electric blue piping and embellishments featured great detail work on the shoulders.

Black and peach color blocking was utilized on a modern styled dress. It was very on-trend with the one shoulder and partial sleeve. Great detail work was evident on the side, and the garment boasted very interesting lines.

A black and white houndstooth dress featured black leather detail. It had a v-neck back with studded embellished elbow pad detail. Styled with pale pink knee high tights over black tights, it felt very feminine and futuristic.

The Runner-Up: This red, black and white diamond pattern cape coat was beautifully constructed. The look was very conceptual with an attached convertible hood and industrial zipper detail.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011