Deanna Michelle Turcotte

Deanna Michelle Turcotte is one of the featured designers at the upcoming Kent Fashion Week. 

What inspired your collection?
My collection was inspired by the desire to create an elegant wardrobe for the modern powerful woman. It was all about the idea that you don't have to abandon any trace of a traditional feminine appearance to be a strong and powerful female. We can acknowledge that our feminine assets are what make us wonderful and embrace that in a uniquely powerful way. So I wanted to incorporate elements that hinted at that traditional view of a woman such as gingham and this 1940's silhouette... but warped. The gingham print I designed is slightly warped, and I also used patent leather and silk and wool to create striking contrast.

How do you want your audience to feel when they view your collection?
I want them to see the models as beautiful and elegant, and at the same time they are strong and independent. I wanted it to feel like it had an essence of the past but not too much that it doesn't feel modern.

What is something in fashion you think EVERY female should pay attention to this

I absolutely love platforms and flatforms! They're so retro and fun. I also want to experiment with the monochromatic outfits.

What did you think about Kent's first-ever Fashion Week?
I think it was very successful! It was so satisfying seeing my collection the way it was meant to be presented. The whole format was very interesting as well. It allowed people to see the garments up close and interact with the designer as opposed to a traditional runway show where you can't do that.

Do you have anything you would like to add about your collection or the event?
I really hope that the senior design students next year take the initiative and put on their own Kent Fashion Week! It's such a great opportunity and it was a lot of fun.

I also want to add that I think eco-friendly design is so important. I used some organic fabrics and I also designed my whole collection out of rectangles so that it would use all of the fabric without any waste.

Sunday, April 29, 2012