Kent Fashion Week

Kent State University has always been known for its fashion and the incredible talent that comes from it. At the end of each year, the senior fashion design students always have their annual fashion show. With every year that goes by, the senior show gets more elaborate and even more spectacular.

This year the seniors decided to take their last moments to a new level. Not only did the fashion school produce and execute a wonderful show but it declared the week of April 23-28, 2012, Kent Fashion Week

The students decided that they wanted to showcase their senior projects further. Three evenings were dedicated to the designers, models and phenomenal designs of the Kent Fashion School.

The event was held at Kent's very chic and upscale night spot and sushi bar, 157 Lounge. Admission was free and the event was open to every fashion- and art-lover.

Each night, students each had 30 minutes to feature their designs. Forty-two students and 42 collections were shown, making for a very fashionable and
action packed three evenings. 

Collections included menswear, womenswear and even children's clothing. Vibrant red evening gowns, tribal-esque and Viking-inspired garments plus any more made their way into the room. Instead of a regular runway, the models stood on platforms on each side of the room, allowing the audience to walk around and view the pieces in an art gallery-type setting. 

Every guest was dressed to impress, camera lights were flashing, and student models all paved the way to a very successful first-ever Kent Fashion Week.

So what did the guests and fashion community think of Kent's first Fashion Week? We asked them:

“The event went extremely well, and it was the final chapter to our time at Kent State. We are continuing the Kent Fashion Week next year by turning it into a fashion merchandising internship for juniors. So it will continue to get bigger. We had about 750 people walk through the doors during the 3 day event.”
- David Siedlarczyk, Kent Fashion Week Founder and Coordinator

“I canʼt believe these designs came out of Ohio and from students not much older than myself. Iʼd be surprised if we didnʼt see at least one designer compete on Project Runway in the very near future. Look out, New York Fashion Week!”
- Jordan Solomon, Fashion Guru for College Fashionista

“It was a very eventful night, and I am amazed on how everything came together. I got a lot of complements on my pieces, and I was glad I could be apart of the showcase!”
- Jasmine R. Williams, Kent Senior Fashion Designer

“Kent Fashion Week, in its first year, was a total success. Over the course of three days, 42 design students debuted their collections at 157 Lounge to an eager audience including friends, family and residents of surrounding communities. The air of each evening, from Thursday to Saturday, was one of inspiration and awe. It was evident that the designers relished the chance to expand upon their collections as they spoke with attendees. As models stood on platforms and responded to the audience's excitement, designers mingled and were able to enjoy their hard work in an elegant setting that paid tribute to their dedication.”
- Michaela Neu, Kent Fashion Week Model

“Fashion filled the air, and I was blown away by the creative minds of the Kent Fashion students!”
- Ashley Petrisor, Guest

“I brought two of my student models with me, and we really enjoyed the exhibit. They were wowed by the talent displayed and truly got to see the art form of fashion. In our company, we strive to show the various dimensions of the fashion industry and the KSU show helped to exemplify this from the venue, to the music, the models and the clothing. It was human artwork in motion.”
- Kimberly Brown, Founder of ELYSTA Productions & Modeling Agency

Sunday, April 29, 2012