ONE Styling

More often than not, you hear about companies that began in Cleveland and sometimes choose to leave. For local hair tool company ONE Styling, the opposite happened. They chose to stay. 

Joe Kim and his team were members of a parent company that decided to move operations out of Cleveland, and thus ONE was created. I have never been much of a hair girl - usually I run out with it half wet and a general mess because my hair is so thick - so I was thrilled to discover ONE.

I was first exposed to ONE back in March when the brand hosted a Northeast Ohio bloggers event at the super posh and ultra deluxe Spa West in Westlake. I attended on behalf of Fashionably Cleveland and had an amazing time. 

The event was held to help promote ONE Styling's new tools that they have developed and currently have on the market. As a result of choosing to stay local, ONE was born. 

The event at Spa West was designed to not only promote the tools for the bloggers in attendance to work some social media magic, but also to see the tools live in action. Sure, the tools were going to be operated in the hands of highly-qualified professionals, but each stylist was ready to explain and demonstrate the best way to operate the tools. 

After a round of introductions, a glass of champagne topped with berries and a quick, but very informative brand introduction by Joe Kim, we were off to get styled. Spa West had three stylists on hand to demonstrate and all of us girls were more than ready to be beauty guinea pigs. 

Every blogger in attendance had different lengths, styles and textures of hair, and we were all very excited to see the results. As I said before, hair is not my strong point in my beauty routine. I am not very skilled at tool manipulation, nor do I have the attention span to spend hours on achieving perfection, so I was excited to not only get my hair professionally styled, but to also pick up some tips. 

My stylist, Pete, was kind enough to show me multiple times exactly HOW he was able to produce a perfect wave with the flat iron. I had to ask him exactly how to hold the Legacy Flat Iron to construct the gorgeous curl he so effortlessly produced. (I bet I still can’t do it.) All across the salon I watched everyone's hair get transformed into mermaid waves, old Hollywood curls and super glam beach waves. 

On top of the fabulous hair we all walked out with, ONE also gave everyone in attendance a FABULOUS goodie bag packed with the following products from the brand:

  • Epic Pro Dryer (Amazingly cut my hair drying time down)
  • Epic Flat Iron
  • Legacy Flat Iron (One day I will master the flat iron curl…ONE DAY)
  • Verge Curl Styx
  • Verge Bubble Wand (AMAZING tool, it produces beautiful curls and the curls HOLD and look better the next day on unwashed hair)
  • ONE Heat Mat

ONE is a busy brand with events all over the country and constantly working to promote their growing, and awesome brand. For more information on the brand, the products, events and updates check out:
Or follow on Twitter @onestyling
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And watch tutorials on YouTube!

(Photo courtesy of ONE Styling.)

Sunday, June 10, 2012