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Editor's Note: This piece is one in a series focusing on local style bloggers. A new blogger will be featured on Fashionably Cleveland every Friday for the next few weeks. Check back every week to learn about another fabulous blogger!

I met up with local blogger and recent law school graduate Katy Hanawait, whose blog Sugar and Chiffon offers great style advice as well as tasty recipes! Although she is from Stillwater, Oklahoma, over the past seven years she has made Cleveland her home. When I met up with her, she was rocking her favorite trends: a faux fur vest and red lip (she actually inspired me to try the red lip trend and I love it as well!). We discussed gift giving ideas, shopping, and her obsession with Martha Stewart! 

Fashionably Cleveland: Can you describe your blog in your own words?

Katy Hanawait: Sure! It’s documenting my personal style, and I am obsessed with Martha Stewart, so I added the lifestyle elements of decorating and recipes.

FC: How did you get into blogging?

KH: I started the blog two years ago, when I was in law school because I wanted to do something creative. I actually came across a link for Cupcakes and Cashmere and thought it was really cute and fun, so I wanted to do something similar.

FC: How would you describe your personal style?

KH: Casual chic; I prefer to wear jeans. And classic with a modern twist, I really do like trying out new trends!

FC: Where do you get your style inspiration?

KH: I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. I like to remix stuff I already own. What I like to do is take everything out of my closet, put it on the floor, and then make mix and match new outfits. This way you can see everything you have.

FC: Who are some of your style icons?

KH: Kate Middleton - she just always looks so polished. I really like Olivia Palermo’s style, also a few other bloggers: Pink PeoniesGal Meets Glam, and Bows and Sequins.

FC: How would you describe Clevelanders' style?

KH: I think Clevelanders overall are more casual yet still stylish. They are also excellent at layering without looking puffy.

FC: What is your favorite thing about Cleveland?

KH: I love the fall - it is so pretty. I love to see trees and the leaves changing! And we’re almost guaranteed to have a white Christmas!

FC: I read the “20 Things You Don’t Know About Me” on your blog; how did you end up on the Martha Stewart Wedding Special?

KH: I was going to New York with my friend from law school and had just gotten engaged in June. Since I am obsessed with Martha Stewart I requested tickets for her Wedding Special and we ended up getting them! Since we had tickets I was able to ask a question to the panel and I wasn’t big on the idea of wearing a veil, so my question was, “What is a stylish alternative to a veil?” Oscar de la Renta said every bride should wear a veil during the ceremony, so I did! But then I took it off for the reception!

FC: When it comes to gift giving what are some go to items for a fashion-obsessed friend?

KH: Fun costume jewelry is always a good gift, I like Bauble Bar, they always have really fun pieces. I also think that the subscription boxes such as BirchboxGlossybox, and Popsugar make really fun gifts, and it is the gift that keeps giving!

FC: What is the best Christmas gift you have received?

KH: My SLR camera! I love it!

FC: Where are your favorite places to holiday shop?

KH: I like T.J. Maxx or Nordstrom Rack because you can get great quality at a lower price. I also like Nordstrom because it is a one-stop shop, and it is more affordable then you would think. 

FC: Thank you for meeting with me. It was so nice to meet you.

KH: Thank you it was nice to meet you too!

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Friday, December 27, 2013