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Editor's Note: This piece is the last in a series focusing on local style bloggers. A new blogger has been featured on Fashionably Cleveland every Friday for the past few weeks. Browse past features to read them all!

Lauren Pfieffer, the blogger behind Someone Like You, is originally from Mansfield, but is currently studying Fashion Merchandising at Kent State University. She enjoys writing and loves fashion because it’s a way to express herself in a way she can’t with words. 

Fashionably Cleveland: How would you describe your blog in your own words?

Lauren Pfieffer: It’s almost like a diary, but with pictures. I don’t particularly like to write about fashion, style, and what I’m wearing (which is really ironic for a fashion blog!) I actually started my blog as an online diary because I found that I couldn’t keep up a written journal, so it’s always sort of stayed that way with me writing about my personal journey through life. Besides the writing being a big part of my blog, I just feel like my blog is this representation of me through pictures and the evolution my style has gone through in four years. 

FC: How would you describe your personal style?

LP: It definitely has a big vintage influence from all sorts of different eras, but I’ve found in the last year that I’ve began to really like working classic looks into my style. The timelessness of classic pieces is just so intriguing that they appeal to all ages, and can be looked at from generation to generation as beautiful. 

FC: Where do you get your inspiration?

LP: Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me. I love being from Ohio because we get to fully experience all four seasons and everything that goes with them - sights, smells, sounds, colors and feelings. A combination of all of these things helps me pick out outfits and gain inspiration.

FC: Who are some of your style icons?

LP: Ever since I became interested in fashion, I’ve looked up to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration. She is the ultimate woman of style and grace to me! As for modern day style icon, I adore Bonnie of the blog Flashes of Style. She is effortless and her outfit combinations are always super inspirational for me. 

FC: As a college student, how can you look stylish for class yet still be comfortable?

LP: I don’t think it’s an excuse to wear sweat pants because you want to be comfortable — there are so many other options that are more stylish and just as comfortable! Wearing lots of thin layers in comfy fabrics like cotton will keep you warm in the bitter cold and still look more put together rather than if you just threw on a sweatshirt. I think that wearing fleece lined tights and leggings are a brilliant way to keep legs warm and ultra-comfortable when wearing dresses and skirts. Other options I love are jeggings that have more give than jeans and riding boots that add structure to looks instead of sloppy Uggs.

FC: You were recently featured in Seventeen magazine for your blog; tell me about the experience.

LP: Oh, gosh it really was a dream come true. Since I was 13 years old I’ve wanted to be in Seventeen — it’s the magazine that got me started in fashion. One day in June, the fashion editor contacted me saying that they loved my blog and wanted to use me for a feature they were doing on bloggers. I was picked to represent girls with pear-shaped bodies, and I got to show the best looks and pieces that look good and flatter this shape. It was such an honor to be able to be featured to something dear to my heart - body acceptance, no matter what your shape. It took a few months to get everything finalized, and then in November the issue was printed!

FC: What is one piece of general style advice?

LP: Don’t wear things that you don’t love or don’t feel like you. Your style should be 100% you. Don’t let anyone else, or even yourself, stop you from that. 

FC: Do you think you will keep blogging after college?

LP: I really hope so. I was worried when I went from high school to college that it would affect my blogging, but my love for it has only grown stronger. The cool and good thing about my blog is that it always is evolving with me through the stages of my life, whether it be high school, college, when I study abroad in Italy next fall, and then hopefully even as my journey continues after college, as well.

FC: What is your dream job after college?

LP: Right now I don’t really have a specific dream job in mind that I want to have, but my dream is to just be in the fashion industry. It’s such a blessing and a gift to be pursuing out this dream already and working towards whatever may come my way in the future. 

FC: You are very accomplished for being very young; do you have any advice for girls aspiring to be in the fashion industry? 

LP: Oh, thank you! For me it’s just never giving up, keep pushing and working. It took me a year to even gain a follower on my blog and four years later I am so lucky to have over 1,000. Same with Seventeen - I’ve worked hard for seven years developing my personal style, finding who I am, and knowing that someday I would be in the magazine, if I worked hard enough. Right before Seventeen a different magazine contacted me and wanted to put me in, but things fell through and I was devastated. Not long after though Seventeen came along, and it just really showed me that things happen when they’re supposed to and for the right reasons. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014