Cool crochet

Cleveland-based TaShawna Jackson is a third-generation crocheter, following a tradition set by her mother and grandmother. Today, she uses crochet as a medium not only for scarves and accessories, but also ready-to-wear pieces. She first showed her work at last fall's Great Lakes Fashion Week accessories event and will be showing her work again at Great Lakes Fashion Week's Spring 2014 Couture Show.

We talked to TaShawna about her designs, her inspiration and the local fashion community.

How did you first get into fashion design?

I always had an interest fashion... I used to see my grandma make things all the time. She would crochet or just put things together. I never saw her sew, even though later in life I found out that she said she did all the time! (I wish I had seen it, because I probably would've been sewing a lot sooner!)

What made you choose crochet as a medium?

My grandma and mom used to crochet all the time. One day they taught me the basics and I just let it stick throughout my life, making small things for myself here and there. I thought it was "old school" in my teens but came to know that it was kind of cool. 

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration for my designs in everything. Mostly I imagine what I'd like to wear, or if I was someone else what I'd like to where. 

What is your favorite thing about the fashion community in Northeast Ohio?

I love the fact that Northeast Ohio designers come together positively and share their inspirations through design with each other. I also like the fact that we help promote one another in any way we can too. The community is great! 

What is one go-to piece of style advice you always follow or recommend to others?

If it's comfortable, go with it. Just be classy. 

What will you be showing at Great Lakes Fashion Week?

I will show a more ready-to-wear style of couture fashions for spring and summer that has some hints of crochet in it: rompers, shorts, skirts, and pants, [and] some with fun prints. 

Great Lakes Fashion Week's Spring 2014 Couture Show will be held on Saturday, April 5, at 8:30 p.m. You can see a preview of TaShawna's collection from her recent appearance on Fox 8's Kickin it with Kenny..


Sunday, March 2, 2014