Local jewelry line inspires expression


Even though the newly launched jewelry line, Dirty Pretty Things is fashion conscious with their creative designs, you won’t find the usual colored gumball necklace in this assortment. DPT truly sets itself apart, creating one of kind designs with thought and meaning behind each. 

The first and current collection, Marie Neville, was inspired by the president and CEO, Chrissy LoConti. Her individuality and personal interests were taken into consideration when developing the designs, as well as the character of Marie Neville. Representing this specific collection, the character was created by LoConti herself, who is also a talented artist. Marie Neville is described as “a resemblance of a guardian angel of empowerment. Her customer is funky, trendy and ambitious.” 

Don’t hesitate if you feel you can’t relate to Marie Neville, as every year a new collection and character will be added to the line, reflecting traits from another member of DPT. Each new collection will host a new theme per say, but will all connect together in some way.

Good friend of LoConti and fellow Kent State University graduate Sarah Piscazzi has been named DPT’s Vice President of Design. Both young women received BFAs in Jewelry Design, and they already had experience working in the field before they got together to create a line of their own. 

“Knowing the process of how jewelry is made firsthand helps a lot in this business," Piscazzi noted. 

LoConti also recruited her long time childhood friend Andrea Ippolito to handle all business correspondence as the Chief Operating Officer and National Sales Manager. LoConti’s two younger sisters, Annemarie and Jeannine are also well involved business partners. 

“The hardest part is diversifying when its time to be a friend and when its time to be in work mode,” explained LoConti, when asked of challenges working with close friends and family, “but we know each other so well, and all work great together.”

While the uniqueness of the DPT line will attract a large customer base, some may not fully understand the bold elements used in this collection. The name of each piece is important, and brings out a whole new meaning and definition. For example, one of my personal favorites is the Guarded Heart necklace. The charms on this necklace consist of a gun and a heart, which can be interpreted as representing something dark and dangerous. It’s actually a symbol of protecting your heart from past or future heartache, and I’d be surprised to meet a woman who couldn’t relate. The gun also brings out the “dirty” of the piece. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to relate, you just might like the design for what it is. You can make the meaning behind it whatever you want; it’s your piece, your expression, and for you to know. The mastermind behind naming the pieces is designer Sarah Piscazzi. “It just comes from the inside; I just look at it and throw out ideas. It was really easy to name the Marie Neville collection because it was inspired by Chrissy, and I know her so well.”

When asked about the demand to continuously create new designs, LoConti stated, “the trick for us is taking what already exists and making it different, adding our own twist. It’s amazing what we come up with.” 

The original creations are all designed and assembled by the designers themselves; touching each component before it’s placed in the trendy velvet pouch you will anxiously open when discovering your new distinctive piece. A care card is included in every order to ensure correct care and customer satisfaction, as well as other fun branded items as a little something extra. 

DPT confidently stands by their line, and guarantees strong customer service, striving to provide a pleasing experience for all. The brand is also conscious to make their jewelry affordable to its customers, offering gold and silver plated pieces and details of Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. 

Dirty Pretty Things is only at the beginning of its era, and will continue to grow. Current ideas include web-exclusive holiday pieces, and LoConti would love to one day open their own store. Keep an eye out for the next collection that will be released later this year. Currently the line is available at www.dptjewelry.com and also at select boutiques across the world. The line will be featured in all Metropark stores across the country come Summer ’09. Be sure to check out the assortment at our local Metropark in Beachwood Place.

Friday, May 29, 2009