Get ready for summer style


Incorporate top fashion elements into your wardrobe, and flaunt your own individual style this summer. Here’s what to look for:

Color is key

Bold and bright and oh so important! Shades of yellow, orange, pink, green and blue have been blooming in local retail shops, and will continue to. These intense hues will play a major role in your entire ensemble, from head to toe, apparel to every last accessory. For those of you that are afraid of color ... don’t be! Even if you start by adding a bright accessory to a neutral wardrobe, you are still getting into the trend without going out of your comfort level.

Power prints

Blouses, dresses and skirts featured in eye catching prints will be prominent this season. Most significant are both subtle and bright feminine florals. Also making an appearance will be geometric prints, as well as paisley and safari-inspired designs targeting the popular free-spirited bohemian trend. Animal prints are still on the prowl, kicked up with color this time around.

Layer after layer

Layering makes for a versatile and sometimes more interesting outfit. This season is all about the jacket. Long or cropped, full or cap sleeved, any way you have it, it’s the ultimate overlay piece. Focus on a tailored, structured design for work or evening. Snag a cute denim or twill fabric for a casual feel over a bright tee. If you prefer something a little more delicate as a layering piece, the cardigan is also a great option. Also offered in many cuts and sleeve lengths, the cardigan is perfect to keep your shoulders warm and your style sharp when dressed to impress.

Not so short

While all lengths of shorts continue to be popular depending on your liking, you will begin to see many more that aren’t so short. A little more conservative, these playful, relaxed styles fit from mid thigh to right above the knee. A great update for work or play. 

Bigger is better

Accessorizing can make or break an outfit, so it’s a crucial fashion rule to get it right. In the world of jewelry, oversized, extra large pieces work best for spring. Candy-colored gemstones, floral accents and mixed metals can create or simply enhance a great look. This is one area you will also see splashes of beautiful pastel tones, great to pair with the more subtle floral print tops and dresses.

Stepping out

The classic ballet is still around, and updated with bright pops of color, exotic skins and stylish hardware. Platform sandals will be strappy and sexy, many with stud and grommet accents and natural wood heels. The gladiator is back from last year and coming on much stronger. Many more variations and designs will give more options, flat to slight wedge and the intense stiletto, all gladiator inspired. Flirty details such as fringe and lace will also be shown, giving all footwear styles an appealing twist.

Bag lady

One essential detail to keep in mind is shape, defined shapes. As far as size goes, anything goes. If you carry everything but the kitchen sink with you opt for a larger bowler handbag, shaped similar to a dome, like, well, a bowling ball bag. For a lunch date or a night out, you are looking for the ever-so-popular-this-season clutch. The clutch has increased in size and style, becoming a little larger for functionality and always fashionable. Similar to footwear, you will see bright colors, hardware accents and exotic animal skins here too. Whatever your choice, carry proudly.

Thursday, June 4, 2009