Unique boutique


Unveiled in Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District in November of 2007, the eclectic Room Service boutique also opened their door for local designers by presenting their product lines to the public. 

Store owner Danielle DeBoe is a strong supporter of our creative Cleveland businesses, and she features labels such as Wrath Arcane MenswearLittle Korboose and Small Screen Designs in her product selection. The list of locals goes on and on and is fluctuating with freshness. 

Room Service carries a wide variety of truly unique items, from t-shirts to candles, greeting cards to wall art, and everything in between. There are also items for babies and children as well. New finds are always entering the boutique, and not many items are re-ordered, creating consistent newness and originality. When entering the store, there is a chance you will spend just as much time admiring the intricate product displays as you do the product itself.

In an e-mail, DeBoe described her target customer as, “The customer who appreciates good design, whimsy and has a modern sensibility.” 

A Cleveland native, DeBoe spent some time away from the city, venturing to the west coast and putting her creative skills to work. Experience in set design, interior design, visuals and fashion retail inspired the store owner to create a playground of her own once she returned back to Cleveland. 

“I had already spent nearly five years out of Cleveland and had no intention of moving again; I just sort of realized it was time to do my own thing!," DeBoe explained. Intrigued by the exciting development plans for the Gordon Square District and having entertainment, nightlife and shopping within walking distance, DeBoe confirmed the home for her innovative storefront. 

When asked about the Cleveland retail market, DeBoe replied, “I feel it has VASTLY changed over the six years I have been back living here. I think we have a lot of room to grow still, but the most important thing to recognize is that it IS growing.”

Room Service was named by a friend of DeBoe’s, who knew that the original plans for the retail establishment were to offer design services as well as products, hence the words “room” and “service." 

The name was positively received and future plans for Room Service do include design services and additional furniture pieces, as well as more apparel for men and women.

DeBoe is also the founder of an amazing local event, Made in the 216, which puts the spotlight on many local designers and gives the public an opportunity to view and/or purchase these one of a kind creations. This year it will be held on June 26 and 27 in the Gordon Square Arts District.

For more information on the Made in the 216 event or to learn more about this unique boutique, visit www.roomservicecleveland.com. Better yet, take a peek of the store itself, located at 6505 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, 44102. You will be very pleased with this Room Service.

Thursday, June 25, 2009