Hot rockin' Italian mama

At first glance, you would never imagine that Bethany Maggianobelts out lyrics to Descendants or Wu-Tang hits before getting ready to head out for a night on the town. 

In describing her personal style, Maggiano says, “I try to stay somewhat dressy. For me, casual is difficult and I feel much more comfortable in a dress or fitted jeans with heels.”

This style philosophy is quite different from the punk/skater style affinity she had as a teenager that still influences her preferences in music. 

Maggiano, 31, is a shining example of looking pulled together while still wearing something that will set her apart from the crowd. This style is reflected in accessories that become accent pieces. Funky necklaces, jeweled sandals and bright leather bags are all in her fashion arsenal and are effectively used to compliment, not match, the key classic pieces found in her closet. 

“I stick with classics, but try to bring in some edge,” Maggiano comments on her use of accessories. 

As a mom of a spunky 11-year-old named Jasmine, Maggiano feels that her style has been somewhat modified due to her role as a mother. 

“I try to wear things a little more practical. I want to be expressive, but I also need to be able to get down on the floor and play games with Jazz. I think the only thing that has really been affected though is my choice in footwear,” Maggiano says. 

While Maggiano’s footwear choices may not be her first choice due to practicality, you would never guess that she is making a style concession.

Maggiano instinctively uses the color wheel theories to her advantage and mixes contrasting hues, or goes for a more subtle color wash of shades in the same family when pulling together a look. 

Today Maggiano is wearing a blue H&M sundress with a complimenting necklace from The Limited, sandals from Ann Taylor Loft and a bright yellow bag from Nine West. The purse jumps out in contrast to the blue dress and the entire outfit is a happy pallet of summer hues. 

Maggiano’s cropped dark hair naturally gives her look more of an edge; however, the short style does require regular haircuts from the Brown Aveda Institute in her hometown of Rocky River.

“Marco is fabulous, and the reduced pricing fits into my budget considering I have to get my hair cut about every four weeks,” Maggiano comments.

In Maggiano’s home, boldly colored basics mixed with global influences mirror her choices in clothing. 

“I like classics mixed with something a little exotic. This eclectic mix inspires me, but it’s still all pulled together and coordinating,” Maggiano comments.

Looking around her home, you find traditional furniture pieces in neutral colors adorned with cushy velvet throws and satin pillows with oversized decorative bows. Colorful vases from Holland and wrought iron candle holders add striking accents that pull your eye. Like Maggiano’s wardrobe, a neutral but colorful background creates a canvas to highlight punchy accessories. 

Maggiano’s outfit will easily go from day to evening and everything in between. Her agenda today includes lunch with her boyfriend’s mother, a stop at the airport, cooking a pan of classic Italian Shells with Jasmine (while dancing in the kitchen to songs by Pink), and a ladies’ night out with her friends at the No Doubt/Paramore concert at Blossom. With a slight change in accessories, Maggiano’s sundress will work for every scenario while looking fresh well into the night.

Thursday, July 9, 2009