Blue Orchid Handbags


Blue Orchid handbag designer Jackie Adamany began making handbags three years ago. She has been sewing for over 30 years, and with her love of handbags she thought it was, “only natural to take my creativity into the direction of designing and sewing handbags.”

Designing and making the handbags has become a full-time job since Adamany designs every aspect of the bags, from pattern to the fabric, even the construction itself. She enjoys every moment of creating the handbags. Her daughter Jessica helps with daily business activities. 

The title Blue Orchid comes from the simple fact that she loves orchids. 

“They are beautiful and unique, they stand out against the other flowers,” Adamany said. “I think my bags are like orchids in that respect…and have you ever seen a blue orchid? So the name Blue Orchid Handbags, distinctive and not everywhere you look.” 

She is inspired from all surroundings; sometimes even the fabric gives her inspiration for a bag. She has two collections each year: spring/summer and fall/winter.

Blue Orchid will also have a line of hostess aprons and floral pins available, which would make a great gift for friends, family or even yourself. 

Blue Orchid bags and accessories are available at and at You can find Blue Orchid at The Eclectic Mixx in Lakewood, or Vis-à-Vis in Chesterland. The bags are also available at Belushi Pisano Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard. 

Adamany will make customized bags if needed. The Blue Orchid creator says, “There is something magical about taking a few yards of fabric and creating something wearable.”

Adamany plans to continue the growth of Blue Orchid and use more retail venues. She also plans to attend local fairs and shows. This way, she can introduce new items and what is currently available.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009