Eton Fall Fashion Show

Fall came in with a rush of greys, blacks and browns on Oct. 15 at the 2009 Eton Fall Fashion Show. Over 100 attendees braved an exceptionally dreary day to enjoy delicious pastries and coffee and to witness the unveiling of this season's newest trends, modeled and dressed by Fashion Merchandising and Design students from Kent State University.

Event emcee Frenchye Bush, of Cleveland Magazine, elaborated on the procession of emerging fashions for Fall 2009. "We'll be a seeing a lot of black; rocker and biker chic. Also, leather, fur, plaid, leggings and strong shoulders - an 80's redo," she said. 

The runway was diverse, with the edgier fashions softened by children's clothes from Nicky Nicole. Beautiful wedding gowns were accompanied by adorable flower girls Arielle Gross (10) and her sister Chelsea (7), who were thrilled to lend their services. Both are daughters of an Eton employee.

"I really enjoyed being a flower girl, and also trying on clothes and walking," Chelsea said. Make-up was provided by Kelly from The Powder Room, and Amy Puchowicz of Amy's Shoes supplied shoes - booties, heels (chunkier than those of last year), rounded toes, motorcycle boots, lots of suede and neutral tones. 

There will be a big western influence this year, and we saw lots of distressed leather, studding, buckles and hardware. Fashion Merchandising major Monika Lange was a big hit in a grey sweater ensemble from Details Accessory Gallery and shoes by Amy's Shoes. Monika got her start modeling in Fashion Week Cleveland and is heading to New York this year, with her sights set on both modeling and runway production. 

This year's show was a huge success, and a lovely distraction from the rain and cold outside. 

"We were thrilled with the turnout and all of our tenants who chose to participate," said Barb, Eton Chagrin Boulevard's general manager. "We will definitely be having another show in the spring." 

Eton's newest attractions include OrvisThe North Face and Beespot, which will open in mid-November.

Thursday, October 29, 2009