The second annual Freak-Da-Show Sexy, Scary, and Seductive Fashion Show presented by Fabiola Productions and the Mercury Lounge was held on Friday, Oct. 30th. The Bacardi Bat Vixens made a special appearance, and each attendee received a complimentary Bacardi cocktail with a $5 admission. 

The models auditioned for the fashion show, which they heard about through friends, web sites or from Fabiola herself.  Salon Mandalifnodid hair and make-up for the models. 

The Halloween costumes worn were put together by the models. Costumes were purchased or handmade. The ‘Where’s Waldo’ costume - a highlight of the show - was designed by Amber Martinez, a friend of the model who wore it. 

Models dressed in sexy costumes that included vampires, a cop and robber, superheroes, a nurse and doctor, and a devil. One of the models dressed as Prince wearing knee-high boots, a purple jumpsuit and wig. 

DJ William Russell spun the tracks as the models made their way down the runway. The energized crowd even dressed in Halloween costumes. 

After the fashion show, party goers and models enjoyed themselves, dancing the night away.

Sunday, November 1, 2009