Fashion resolutions 2010

It's time to ring in the new year! In addition to the usual annual resolutions - work out more often, eat healthier, etc. - the Fashionably Cleveland staff made fashion-specific resolutions to help us celebrate 2010 in style. Here are our fashion resolutions for 2010:

Allison Halco:
I resolve to wear more skirts this year. I have so many cute ones in my closet, I need to make an effort to wear them more often!

Lisa Kruse:
Take more risks with fashion in my day to day outfits. I want to experience more of the fashion-forward looks rather than just constantly admiring them in my favorite magazines.

Nora Breznai:
Less is more. Be minimal with accessories, but make a statement. For example, Coco Chanel and her strands of pearls, Audrey Hepburn and a scarf, Jackie O and big shades, or Elizabeth Taylor and diamonds.

Ariel Michelle:
Take more risks, and wear jeans less! 

1. I will wear one very fashion forward outfit per week.
2. I will make a tightly-edited fashion shopping list and stick to it.

Paulette Penzvalto:
I have always maintained a certain neutrality in my makeup regimen, which has always been safe and reliable, but last year's resolution of boosting the color/fun elements of my wardrobe has invariably led to my makeup choices paling in comparison. As a redhead with a fun personality and vibrant new wardrobe, I resolve to explore some new elements in makeup which will compliment my personality, hair and skin tone, and be a far cry from the brown Kohl pencil and shimmering sands that I (and no doubt the people around me!) have become so familiar with. As a liner, I am going to look for something bold, like MAC cosmetics Fluidline in Macroviolet and finish with the Mineralizer eye shadow duo in Odd Couple- a purple mono/warm gold with lavender and bronze veining (absolutely breathtaking!). On a day where I might be wearing something bold and multi tone, I would normally opt for something like CO Bigelow's moisturizing tinted gloss, but I pledge to take it a step further with Estee Lauder's High Gloss Wet shine sheer, in Jewel. Another area I shamefully neglect is bronzer, that little jar of powder that has the potential to make or break your entire look should be carefully considered, and in my case I am going to look at the Irish-girl friendly Soleil Tan de Chanel precious bronzing loose powder. I plan to glitter and be gay in 2010, using an array of vibrant products to shine a light on the beautiful, confident woman I want the world to see. Bold choices in fashion should not to be underestimated, and nor should daring choices in makeup. When accompanied by taste and self assurance, they can be life altering.

Sunday, December 27, 2009