KSU fashion organizations raise money for Haiti

With the help of Kent’s Fashion Student Organization and College Fashionista, students of all ages were able to come together and show their support for the people of Haiti this past weekend. The two college organizations teamed up and hosted three benefit fashion shows, with all proceeds raised going to Unicef for Haiti relief.

The show was titled “Sew Your Love for Haiti.” Tickets were a minimum donation of $1, however because the community knew the purpose of the show was to raise money for a great cause, many guests contributed a significant amount more. 

The show consisted of 30 talented student designers. They all raced against the clock to complete their garments within the two-week time period they were given (definitely not an easy task to do). Many of them pulled all-nighters and crammed in last-minute fittings between their already hectic schedules to ensure that their looks were ready for the runway.

On the night of the first show, the auditorium was packed. An upbeat, Caribbean-like mix of music was played as the models paraded down the catwalk. They managed to keep things fun and intrigued the audience by waving their hands in the air to the beat of the music and cha-cha-cha-ing as they strutted past the crowd.

Each silhouette added excitement to the overall show. Turquoises, fuchsias and lime greens were popular color choices, while lightweight, whimsical, sheer and printed fabrics were among the most common materials used by the designers. 

Low cut backs and beautiful back detailing was a key look that many of the designs had in common. Feather accents, flower accessories, straw leggings and fabric headbands were also key elements.

Although the total funds received from the three shows have not yet determined, both organizations are extremely pleased with the outcome of the events and thankful for the support of the community, faculty, students, and designers. 

Contributing designers were Michelle Bing, Michael Seng, Kyin Lin, Missy Pasquale, Marissa McDowell, Olivia Wenger, Jennifer Kerr, Brittany Casper, Kelly Chaffin, Jillian Miranda, Mary Carandang, Heather Culp, Lauren Lynch, Beatrice Luu, Rachel Urbanski, Ashley-Bianca Chew, Kara Cronley, Amber Graham, Anjui Lucas, Will Riddle, Christa Lashley, Emily Marine, Ray Marsh, Marissa Wright, Joslyn Allen, Selena Holmes, Natalie Manion, Shannon Lowry, Alexa Coyne and Charlie Dale.

Sunday, February 14, 2010