Charmingly original


Katie S. Marks designs her jewelry line with true charm and originality. Unique pieces are made using high quality materials including sterling silver, vermeil gold, pearls, Swarovski crystals and even vintage coins. 

Marks admires and values customer feedback and combines it with her innovative imagination to develop these one-of-a-kind pieces. Creative collaborations of two-toned metals, inspirational jewels and inventive styling set this line apart. 

“I like to create my own trends; I’m not a follower," explains Marks of her designs. A strong representation and best seller is the “3 in 1 Fabulous Necklace." Three different looks can be created in one single necklace, based on how the two-toned rings are threaded on the chain. Customers have the flexibility to alter their necklace design to accommodate their attire. 

In addition is a hoop earring design sometimes referred to as “the hoop with a ‘tude.” The not-so-ordinary hoop consists of two circular hoops vertically linked together, and designed to face forward when worn, rather than flat against the face. This simple change in the positioning of the earring makes much more of a noticeable statement, aside from the eye-appealing metals used to create the overall appearance and shape. 

“I have a high appreciation for the arts around me,” states the designer, who is currently expanding her artistic education in Florence, Italy. While overseas, she continues to study jewelry design, as well as sculpting and painting.

Upon her return later this year, Marks plans to create a new collection of jewelry, influential of her visit to Florence. She learned the basics of jewelry designing techniques from her mother, who still designs jewelry herself. 

The Katie S. Marks line is available online at as well as at Harris Stanton Gallery located at 2301 W Market St., Akron, OH 44313. Custom pieces are also available upon request.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010