Dreamland Fashion Show 2010

The Dreamland Experience Fashion Show 2010 inaugural show was exactly that, an unreal experience. With the opening scene using a song from the Twilight soundtrack and five dancers taking you away from reality, you quickly began to drift into another world and embark on your Dreamland Experience.

The show had a mixture of professional and student designers, not only from Kent State University’s fashion design program, but also from Michigan and Columbus. 

Some scenes had a designer’s garment collections as the main focus, while others highlighted hair and make-up paired with extravagant accessories. 

Many different color palettes and design aesthetics were used, including island themed garments, metallics and dark arts. In addition, lace and pearl were a popular choice to etch into the clothing. 

The MODISTA scene was one that particularly stood out because it captured the full attention of the audience members. 

MODISTA Minority Fashion Group, the organization behind the event, is a group that supports minority fashion students at Kent through programming and service.

Kori Fields, president of MODISTA and director of the show explained what the MODISTA scene represented: “The MODISTA scene was created to highlight the talent of MODISTA members and to also show and promote the diversity that each person brings to our organization.” 

There were many “wow” factors all the way through the show by means of futuristic design aesthetic of some designers and the choreography and show presentation of others. The audience's gaze was glued to the stage watching the colors and designs of the garments. The upbeat attitudes of the models kept the show exciting and interesting.

Overall, The Dreamland Experience Fashion Show 2010 had only a few minor glitches, a packed house, red carpet, step and repeat board, photographers and the excitement of the audience members, models, designers and faculty. 

The first fashion show for MODISTA was a hit, and surely there will be many more to come in the near future.

Check out our photos from the fashion show, taken by Kelly Petryszyn:

Monday, March 1, 2010