Spring cleaning


What is the point of holding on to unworn items and having a cluttered closet? That is neither cool nor chic. This is the perfect time to ‘spring clean’ your closet. 

You can make cleaning out your closet fun. A la Sex in the City [the movie], when Carrie packs up her apartment and the girls come over and help decide what makes it or breaks it. 

Ask your girlfriends to come over, create fun cocktails, and clean. You can even swap clothing with your friends if they like an item from your closet that you no longer wear. 

First thing, you need to make a list of what you want in your closet. Then, make two stacks: a give-away stack and a "keeper" stack. 

Next, you need to pull out each item and try it on. You need to decide if each item still fits, is in style and is something you will actually wear. Just because you bought something at a bargain price does not mean it’s a keeper. If you do not wear it, get rid of it! 

Put the items in the appropriate stack. Then bag up the give-away pile. 

Cleaning out your closet can also help you make some money. You can take gently worn clothing and accessories to consignor shops. Local consignment shops include Plato’s ClosetThe Designer Consignor in Lakewood and even some vintage shops. 

Clothing that is not bought at the shops can be donated. The clothing donation bins (often yellow or white) are located in local parking lots (i.e. Walgreen’s, CVS, Mitchell’s) or thrift shops.

The next step is important. You need to organize your closet! Figure out what you items you want to have hanging or folded. Good hangers are essential when organizing your closet. 

Start with tee shirts, dress shirts, cardigans, dresses, heavy sweaters and then jackets. Color-coding each section is a good way to keep things organized. 

Stores like TargetLowe’sMarshall’s and Home Depot have great closet organizers that utilize your space efficiently and store items properly. This way you also keep pieces from getting damaged or wrinkled. 

Keep in mind an important lesson my mom taught me: keep - and use - your shoeboxes because they keep shoes fresh and in pairs. Remember every shoe needs a home! 

Cleaning out your closet may be a chore, but it is worthwhile to organize your closet, make some money and help others by donating. 

(By the way fellas, these steps can apply to you... minus the Sex and the City party!)

Happy spring cleaning, fashionistas!

Monday, March 15, 2010