Spring forward

Spring has arrived, and thankfully, it is time to rid your closet of the winter clothing blues.

Thankfully most of the spring runway shows were filled with fresh silhouettes, floral prints, futuristic influences and peek-a-boo cut outs.

Here are seven top trends that can easily be translated into your everyday wardrobe:

1. Bows.
Bows were big on the runway (literally) this season. Many were done in secretary blouse styles or bow ties. Bow ties are definitely not for everyone but a bowed accessory can work wonders and last through many seasons.

Nordstorm.com has a great Via Spiga bow belt that can be paired with a great sheath dress or oversized blouse.

Another great way to incorporate this trend is to find a great clutch or shoe with a bow.

2. Tie dye and ethnic prints.
These prints are not meant to serve homage to patchouli hippies. Look for body conscious tanks and form fitting shirts in tie dye to pull this off with modernity.

Ethnic prints for spring are to be worn boldly and paired with vibrant colors. Stick with clean lines and flirty dresses to effortlessly flaunt these prints.

3. Asymmetrical shoulders.
The great thing about this trend is that it looks good on virtually everyone.
Look for dress shapes that will compliment your body. For instance if you’re an inverted triangle (bust line is larger than hips) look for asymmetrical dresses with a – line skirts or with detail to give you balance.

4. Floral prints.
Florals were huge on the spring 2010 runways from mixed to water color. This is a trend that will translate well onto store racks.

Incorporating this trend into your daily wardrobe may seem a bit daunting at first but it’s simple. If you’re petite avoid large prints as they will overwhelm your frame. Plus size ladies should also be cautious of large prints as they can place emphasis in unwanted places.

The best way to wear this trend is in a top paired with jeans or subdued separates.

5. Sheer cut outs.
This trend can be done in two ways: chic or trashy. Avoid midriff exposing pieces and opt for blouses with neckline panels and sheer lace detailing.
Another option is to layer sheer pieces over nude fabrics to give the illusion of bare skin.

6. Metallics.
Metallics are chic and fun but stay away from a head to toe metallic look. You definitely don’t want to be mistaken for the party’s disco ball.

A great way to wear a metallic is in tank or dress with minimal jewelry. Metallic pants are very trendy as well but should be paired with modern shapes and deep colors.

7. Neutrals. 
Neutrals are always in style for every season but they really held their place in most designers’ collections for spring. Gray, taupe, nude and blush are all considered neutrals. This trend will give you the most bang for your buck as these colors will carry you through many fashion seasons.

Stick with classic silhouettes in skirts, pants and dresses. Another great way to wear this trend is to buy a classic cut blazer that can be worn at the office or with your favorite denim.

Fashion is currently in a suspended state of season-less dressing. Take advantage of this time in fashion history but don't wear every trend at once!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010