Volume, flow and edge

Trendy, unique and congenial are just a few words that come to mind upon entering the family owned and operated Sara Fraraccio Hair & Beauty Boutique. Salon owner Sara Fraraccio explains that upon entering the salon, guests should feel “engaged and intrigued,” which definitely describes the baroque, detailed interior design of the salon.

The local salon, which opened in 2003, provides thorough consultations, haircuts, hair color alterations and nail services. The SF Design Team is trained in exclusive techniques aquired from hands-on experience in premiere salons throughout the country. 

“I studied color at Mariane Strokirk Salon in Chicago, ranked one of the nations’ top salons,” Fraraccio explained in an e-mail. “Thereafter; I was a colorist with Jose Eber in Beverly Hills/Carlsbad, California.”

Fraraccio is particularly proud of the fact that “guest service is always number one, and we always use professional communication.” 

Serving as a testament to this statement, guests can look forward to a complimentary beverage and an optional robe to protect their clothing as opposed to the standard “cape” used in most salons.

In addition to impressive customer service, Sara Fraraccio offers a great deal of promotions, events and rewards. Fraraccio mentioned that currently the salon is offering “Shampoo Champagne Soirees" to groups of women who would like to experience mini services and technique workshops. Plus, Fraraccio said, “all of our new guests receive a new guest packet with offers for their first three visits." 

Brands sold and used by the SF Design Team at the salon include PureologyRedkenOjon and Suki.

“We simply look for natural, effective products. Sure, some salons advertise cost-effective products and name, but we pay special attention to quality," Fraraccio said of her brand choices, via e-mail.

The creation of Sara Fraraccio Salon stemmed from its owner's childhood dreams. "I dreamed of owning my own salon," Fraraccio said. "As a young child I had goals and dreams of the highest scale. My idols were Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Coco Chanel, etc.” 

She also mentioned some advice for young adults looking to open their own business: “Work hard and create an effective team. Communicate with your staff and accept constructive criticism and compliments."

The Sara Fraraccio Hair & Beauty boutique is located at 117 Merz Blvd. in Fairlawn, Ohio. Potential guests can also visit www.thesfsalon.com for more information on appointments, services and stylists. 

As Fraraccio explained at the end of our interview, “if you are seeking out a 'best salon' and want to experience a great new guest experience and talent, male or female,” the Sara Fraraccio Salon is absolutely a place you should visit.

Thursday, April 29, 2010