Brittney Sampsel


Editor's note: Through this week, Fashionably Cleveland is paying homage to up-and-coming local designers. Each story subject is a graduating senior at Kent State University, and each story is written by another KSU student. Keep an eye out for these emerging fashion designers - you'll surely be hearing more about them in the future.

Brittney Sampsel is a senior fashion design major at Kent State University. Her senior line was inspired by Alice, from Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice in Wonderland. 

The collection was shown at the Re:Create show, held April 24 at Kent State. Alice’s ditsy and scatterbrained personality was translated into the line with ruffled necklines and asymmetrically tiered skirts. The collection was awarded a Critic's Choice Award from Charles Nolan for its creativity and functionality.

Brittney believes that her life is her inspiration as a designer - finishing up classes and facing graduation is definitely a time period where one would tend to feel scatterbrained. 

Designing and creating the whimsical outfits was the perfect way to finish up her time at Kent State. 

“Being with other design students who share my busy schedule was the best way to deal with the stress and chaos of school," said Brittney.

The pieces in her line are made of silk and give the playful outfits a grown up and luxurious feel. The outfits are beautifully crafted and perfectly on trend for spring.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010