Rehab Vintage

The address 154A Main Street, Kent, Ohio, may not mean a lot to you, but maybe it should. In the heart of downtown Kent, in the new Acorn Alley, sits a little vintage shop by the name of Rehab Vintage. This store contains many unique, vintage and even some one-of-a-kind pieces. Their pieces are just as unique as their monthly music and art festivals! This is not your average second-hand clothing shop!


Georgianna Bojtos always appreciated jewelry of the highest quality. But hand-crafted jewelry was hard to find in Cleveland in 1977 – a time when most jewelry was mass produced. When her husband needed to buy her a gift, he often purchased museum jewelry reproductions. This changed when the two made a discovery while on a trip to Chicago.

Tremont’s modern treasure

Hidden only 10 minutes away from practically anywhere in Cleveland is the small, yet lively, community of Tremont. Filled with architecturally stunning churches and homes, award-winning restaurants and art galleries, Tremont is also home to one of the most sophisticated boutiques in Cleveland.

Selling service for generations

A medium-sized wooden box sits on a corner desk at Ford’s Clothier in Rocky River. The box is filled with index cards with customers’ names and their purchases. Owner Tom Gorton says the index cards help him build relationships with his customers.

Take a look through Gerri’s Closet

Going green is the new movement, and what better way to go green than to shop at a trendy consignment store? Gerri’s Closetis an upscale clothing store that carries junior and women’s casual and career clothing. It was voted #1 Beacon’s Best in 2007.

The perfect dress

Finding the perfect dress has become just as important as finding the perfect man. You cannot settle - it has to be the ONE!

Small shop, big vision

Located in the heart of downtown Kent, adjacent to the newly constructed Acorn Alley, sits Figleaf, a small shop with a big vision. Filled with the latest trends in clothing, jewelry and footwear, the downtown boutique has quite the uptown ambiance. Its colorful organization and moody lighting are sure to lure in the trendiest shoppers.

Variety in style

More than 40 years ago, Knuth’s started as a family-owned shoe store on the east side of Cleveland. Since purchasing the store in 1987, John and Sherri Bryan have helped evolve the store into a boutique with a ton of footwear.

Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door boutique is located in the heart of Rocky River in Old Detroit Rd. This year, it was voted one of the "Best of the West" places to shop. The shop was founded by sisters Laura and Lisa Pikul, both graduates of Kent State University with fashion degrees. The sisters previously lived in California for many years before returning to Cleveland and opening a shop five years ago.

Old River Holiday Walk

On Saturday, Dec. 5, the Shops of Old River hosted a Holiday Walk to help shoppers check off their holiday shopping lists. Check out our photos of the event, taken by Mike Cuscire.