Megan Blankenship

The Banyan Tree Spring 2012 Fashion Show

The trendy area of Tremont in Cleveland is quite possibly the closest resemblance to a New York City neighborhood that a Northeast Ohioan can experience close to home. This is due in no small part to the delicious restaurants, stylish people and very chic, very fashionable retail boutiques like the Banyan Tree that have become Tremont mainstays.

Kent Fashion Week

Kent State University has always been known for its fashion and the incredible talent that comes from it. At the end of each year, the senior fashion design students always have their annual fashion show. With every year that goes by, the senior show gets more elaborate and even more spectacular.

Deanna Michelle Turcotte

Deanna Michelle Turcotte is one of the featured designers at the upcoming Kent Fashion Week.

High-flying fashion

On Sat., July 30, 2011, The Velvet Dog in Cleveland hosted Style Circus, a circus-themed fashion event, on its rooftop lounge.

Fashion and life the familiar way

In the quant historic town of Hudson, Ohio, thoughtfully placed between the old and the new downtown, a fresh and flirty boutique called AR2 has bloomed. The store is decorated beautifully; it’s eclectic with a fresh modern twist and it has a great aesthetic feeling while you are inside.

Fashion is a choice. Please dress responsibly.

On the evening of Saturday, June 18, Akron’s flirty and chic boutique, NOTO, held its third annual fashion show, titled "Fashion is a Choice. Please dress responsibly."

Something new

On the evening of Thursday, May 26, in the historic town of Tremont, Ohio, Banyan Tree boutique hosted a fashion show to bring attention to its creative clothing line, Figwood.

Stylishly charitable

Fashion is not always about the glitz and the glam. Sometimes it can be a guiding light for something much greater.

Form to Fashion

On May 14, the first annual Form to Fashion event was held at Beachwood Place. Garments created by 20 designers from Ursuline College and Virginia Marti College of Art and Design were initially featured on the runway. From this group, seven contestants were chosen to compete in the Form to Fashion show.

Fashion Week 2011

On the evening of Satuday, May 7, Fashion Week Cleveland had its grand finale, The Black Tie Gala. It was a fashionable array of both Cleveland’s social and fashion scenes combined. The show was produced and hosted by Cleveland’s own Dr. Donald Shingler who has spent the past four years securing Cleveland Fashion Week as the third largest fashion week in the nation. Cleveland may not be on the fashion radar as loudly as NYC or LA, but through Shingler and the amazing talent here, it is proving to be their biggest competitor. Fashion Week Cleveland’s events truly embody Cleveland’s ability to be on top as a fashion-forward city.