Locally-based JOANN announces rebrand

Locally-based JOANN announces rebrand

Cleveland-based retailer JOANN has unveiled a modernized look while celebrating its history, which dates back to a single storefront in 1943.

“We are incredibly proud to be a creative retail mainstay for more than seven decades,” said Jill Soltau, president and CEO of JOANN, in a statement. “As we approach our 75th year in business, we are revitalizing the brand while celebrating our history and telling the story behind our core purpose. Because it isn’t only our story – it’s the story of each of our customers, and how they are finding their passions, inspiring others and creating lasting memories. It’s a unique honor to be a part of something that’s special to so many, and we are thrilled to celebrate the handmade legacies of past, present and future generations.”

In addition to a new look, JOANN is utilizing modern technology to encourage collaboration and enhance the experience of shoppers. This includes a new mobile app that allows users to publish their own projects as well as shop for supplies, find new project ideas and share how-to guides..

“As shoppers’ behaviors and preferences evolve, we need to adapt the way we connect with them,” said Chris DiTullio, senior vice president, marketing and omni-channel at JOANN, in a statement. “We’re committed to the longtime loyalists coming in to our stores, as well as the next generation of creators who want to shop, learn and share wherever they are. This app is so exciting because it offers something no other craft retailer does – the ability for customers to confidently share their finished projects with us, and with friends, family and one another as well.”

In the midst of the new visuals and tools JOANN is rolling out, its core mission, grounded in building a customer-focused community, will stay the same.

“While we’re looking forward to tomorrow, we want to celebrate the ‘Handmade Happiness’ we’ve loved being a part of for decades,” said Soltau. “These are passionate, giving people who have amazing stories to share, and we want to help do that. Our story is our customers’ stories. It always has been.”

Monday, August 14, 2017