Fashion Week highlight: Jessica Goodworth, Dariana Delgado and Chelsea Mannion

Jessica Goodworth and Dariana Delgado, two of the celebrity models in the Celebrity Cleveland Style show, and Chelsea Mannion, a long-time Fashion Week Cleveland volunteer, were kind enough to sit down with me after the show to talk about the show, modeling and fashion in Cleveland: Jessica Goodworth, an administrator at Rock the House Entertainment Group, has been working on building her modeling portfolio, so she jumped at the chance to be in the show. "It's different from most shows because you get to smile and be yourself," she said. She particularly liked her outfit from The Limited. "It felt so chic," she said. Dariana Delgado is a junior at Cleveland State University. She works as a graphic designer for the newspaper "El Sol de Cleveland" and is the co-host of the Hispanic show "El Sol TV." The Celebrity Cleveland Style show marked her first time as a runway model, and she loved every minute of it, from the time the hairdressers began styling her tresses to her final pass around the runway. "Everyone did a great job," she said. "This was my first time modeling, and I'd like to do more!" Chelsea Mannion is a volunteer with Fashion Week Cleveland and loves being involved with the organization. "I love how Cleveland finally has something for fashion," she said. "I think [Fashion Week] is something every big city should have."

Monday, May 4, 2009