Recession chic

Fashion is impacted by everything happening in our ever-changing culture. With the current economic downturn, people have to be budget savvy, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Trends for the fall reflect the current recession, and a lot of these trends are staple items that can be worn many different ways. These seven trends are all influenced by the economy today, as well as the recession that occurred during the 80s. 

1. Leather.
This is HUGE for fall. Basically everything you can imagine: bags, jackets, boots, accessories, skirts, the list continues. You can buy a leather item and wear it so many different ways. This biker chic inspired trend was all over the runway at fall fashion week, but can also be translated into everyday style. 

2. Animal print.
While not necessarily for everyone, this is a fun trend that can spice up any outfit. These leopard- or tiger-inspired prints can be seen on bags, clutches, shoes, belts, scarves and even coats. Remember though: just pick one piece of clothing or accessory that is animal print for an outfit. This trend has a “less is more” policy. You could totally revive a LBD (little black dress) with just one animal print accessory. Rawr! 

3. Tights. 
Now talk about thrifty! Tights are a great way to express individual style while staying within a tight budget. The tights that are hot for fall are brightly colored, patterned, embellished and torn ones. Pairing something as simple as a gray skirt with hot pink tights can make an almost forgotten item seem new and stylish. Renew old skirts or dresses by pairing them with some fantastic new tights.

4. Plaid.
This comeback “grunge” look of the 80s has now made its way back into fall/winter 2009. Plaid is viewed as a more masculine look, so be careful not to overdo it. Like the animal print, pick one plaid item to add an urban flair to your outfit. You can add a plaid handbag to an outfit or even be bold enough to wear plaid pants! 

5. Mini skirts. 
Now these are not your typical mini skirts. For fall, we are seeing minis with pleats, tiers and pouf. These fuller shaped skirts are unique, and you will definitely make a statement by wearing one. These short skirts look chic paired with boots and tights. There are plaid, metallic, neon, tweed and floral minis that will surely get you noticed and probably imitated this fall. 

6. Metallics. 
This glitzy trend will add spunk to any outfit. Sometimes black, grey and navy get a little boring, so why not add a pair of silver metallic heels? Or even a flashy necklace? This trend gives you a chance to have fun with fashion. Incorporating metallics into your wardrobe can be as simple as a buying a sparkly clutch or bracelet. With all the dark colors seen on the runway, adding some glitz and glam can make an outfit go from blah to brilliant. 

7. The Bootie.
These short ankle boots are very hot for your fall wish list. These look cute with short skirts or even dress pants. Talk about a staple item - these can be worn so many ways! Ankle boots are seen on the runway in both black and brown leather, but also with fun details like zippers, buckles and patterns. Buying a pair of these for your fall wardrobe would be a good idea because they are so versatile.

Friday, September 18, 2009