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Elements of Style By Marchel’e, Cleveland, Ohio

Marchel’e Davis has always harbored a love for all things fashion. She used this passion to fuel the launch of her local styling business, Elements of Style by Marchel’e, where she offers regular styling appoinments, personal shopping, event stylist services and more. We asked Marchel'e a few questions via email about her business, her clients and her best style advice - see what she had to say below:

What made you decide to launch Elements of Style by Marchel’e?

I decided to launch Elements of Style by Marchel’e back in 2016 because it was time to follow my true passion for the love of fashion. It bothered me to see young girls who had no direction with their appearance. I would drive past high schools and see pajama pants, club clothes, clothing that didn’t fit appropriately, and things that were just not suitable for school. I began speaking for non-profit agencies and schools to provide information to young men and woman.

The message I always leave every talk with is, “Your clothing allows you to speak without saying one word. Make sure you are sending the right message.” They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what society does. I have found a great way to intertwine my formal education (Bachelor of Science in Case Management, and a Masters of Education in Adult Learning in Development) with my gift to create a new vision for clients by providing mastery of fashion and styling to men and woman.

Do you have a favorite client experience, or one with a special significance?

My favorite client experience is when I worked with my first celebrity. Not because he was a celebrity, but because I was his first personal stylist, and he was my first celebrity client. I reached out to him via social media; he ignored my first request, but with my second, he said, "Let's do this.” 

Sam Sylk is a well-known radio and television personality and entrepreneur. He definitely has a distinct style, and has a big and tall body build. We were able to create a look he absolutely loves, looks dapper in, and the best part, allows him to focus on what he needs to do, and not spend hours shopping. He was a happy client. I will never forget when the “no” turned into a “YES.” Persistence is key!     

What's the best style advice you've ever received? 

The best style advice I ever received was from someone I actually have never met. June Ambrose is a celebrity costume designer and creative director. She has many quotes, but that one I walk with every day is, “Always show up in character, and be prepared to make a statement without uttering one word.” Sounds familiar to what I stated earlier, lol. 

What advice would you give someone starting a style-related business in Northeast Ohio?

My advice for anyone who would like to begin a style-related business in Northeast Ohio is DON’T DO IT! Just kidding! I would say always remember we have our own unique style, and we have a lane in the fashion industry.

Most importantly, we have four seasons we can take advantage of. Don’t always follow all geographic trends because it doesn’t fit our current clientele in Northeast Ohio. We are built on professionals who like to be chic and dapper, and have other important things to do with their time; professionals who study law, those in the medical field, teachers, and others who work 9-5 jobs. Ordinary people want to be stylish like those in Hollywood. I always say everyone needs a stylist.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019