High flying fashionistas

For professional women, image is everything. Unfortunately, some jobs are more demanding to a beauty regime than others. How do we take fashion with us when we travel?

1. Pack complete outfits. 

Never leave for a trip without a wardrobe plan of action. Think about where you'll be and what you'll be doing. Will you be attending any formal events? Is there a pool or workout facility you'll be using? Will you be outdoors? 

Choose one outfit for each day, and don't forget the corresponding undergarments, shoes and accessories! Make sure your clothing is wrinkle resistant, and roll most items to maximize space; for more delicate articles, use hangers (a hairband can keep them together) and a garment bag. When you arrive, simply hang the garment bag in your closet

2. Have toiletries ready to go.

The number one rule for those of us who travel often is: Don't skimp on the essentials. Nothing is worse than taking the time to pack all the right outfits, only to incur the ultimate travel catastrophe: having to use hotel room shampoos and conditioners. 

Buy some miniature spill-proof bottles and fill them with your regular staples: shampoo, conditioner, facial soap, etc. Having a bag of your favorite products ready to go at all times is much quicker than a last minute scramble for products and only requires refreshing upon your return.

3. Know the rules for carry-ons.

According to the TSA website, liquids, aerosols and gels, in limited quantities, are permitted aboard an aircraft. Passengers are allowed liquids in 3.4 ounce containers or less, which must be enclosed in a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag. One bag per passenger may be placed in the screening bin. Consolidating the bottles into one bag and X-raying them separately from the carry-on bag enables security officers to quickly clear the items. When in doubt, non-hazardous liquids of all sizes may be stored in checked luggage.

4. Make a list of items you use on a daily basis.

Preparation can make or break your image on the road. Do you need to do yoga to help you feel your best in the morning? Do you have a special pillow that you can't sleep without? Portable items of comfort from home can make a huge difference in an unfamiliar setting; having a list of your most utilized beauty tools at hand before a trip can give you peace of mind and, when you arrive at your destination, a home away from home. Incorporating a positive attitude with the right essentials can transform even the most questionable hotel room into an oasis.

5. Don't forget little luxuries.

We've all boarded a plane in our sweats, only to see that put-together girl with the great hair, sitting three rows ahead of us. But guess what - it turns out there's no rule that can't be you! You never know who you're going meet at an airport, so wear your cutest boots, your favorite jeans, and take the time to do your hair and makeup before your trip - you'll feel great, look amazing, and be prepared for any unexpected meetings that might occur! 

Pick up that magazine you've been meaning to read, and your favorite candy bar. Travel doesn't have to be exhausting, especially if you plan ahead. Relax, be fabulous, and don't forget your yoga mat!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010