Global accessories brand has Cleveland roots

PASHA: Jewelry for your feet

International fashion accessory retailer PASHA has launched new jewel-decorated hair accessories and sandals, and some of the inspiration for the designs came from the founder's early trips to Cleveland.

PASHA's founder and design director, Namrata Mirpuri, was born in Asia and grew up in Peru. Her love of jewelry began at a young age, which led to her becoming a certified gemologist and later launching PASHA.

“Every woman is an ideal model, and should be graciously adorned from top to bottom," Mirpuri said in a statement.

She saw a need in the marketplace for sandals and headbands that use high-end crystals, and her new lines of hair accessories and sandals were created to fill this need. Of the new designs, Mirpuri admits to having a favorite: JUIST, a multi-colored sandal. 

"Traveling to different places around the globe, and the latest fashion trends," are what serve as inspiration behind Mirpuri's designs for PASHA. 

That travel includes visits to Northeast Ohio. Growing up, Mirpuri visited her uncle in Cleveland. She cites, "the place, the people, and [wanting to give them] beautiful sandals to wear in their summer months," as having an influence on her product designs.

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All images courtesy of PASHA.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017