Blog spotlight: According to Brittney

Blog spotlight: According to Brittney

Brittney Moffat, the voice behind According to Brittney, began blogging two years ago as a creative outlet. She had always loved writing, and blogged mostly about her personal life. That evolved into writing more about her career and other topics relevant to her as a millennial woman.

“The way I came to know what I wanted to write about was through writing,” she said.

When she saw people were responding to her posts, she permanently expanded her topics to include career advice, money management tips and more.

“I felt like I was helping people, and at the same time, I was writing, which is what I love,” she said.

A major section on her website is dedicated to beauty, where she writes about everything from advice for saving money on beauty products, beauty event recaps and makeup tips.

“I’ve always loved makeup,” she said. She began wearing makeup when she was 14 and hasn’t looked back - it’s a sort of artistic outlet for her, and she loves to share that passion with her readers.

With a background in communications, social media and marketing, Moffat is also more than qualified to help others in these areas - and she does so in her website’s “entrepreneurship” section. It’s here where she helps other business owners find resources like Canva - one of her favorite tools to make graphics and marketing collateral for her blog.

Moffat has some advice for bloggers just getting started - just do it. “Just start,” she said. “Come up with your brand and find tools that will make your life easier, because blogging is not easy.”

Moffat recently launched a Facebook group for female millennial entrepreneurs to share tips and advice. Learn more and join the group here.

Monday, September 18, 2017