From The Beatles to Blackbird

Blackbird Fly Boutique, Cleveland, Ohio

Entering the heart of Ohio City and into the gateway of downtown Cleveland, amongst historic buildings, diversity and a thriving community of hardworking entrepreneurs, stands Blackbird Fly Boutique. The boutique's owner is Angelina Pata, a creative spirit and mother of four from the Detroit Shoreway area, who was inspired by her love of the arts and The Beatles.

“All my life I grew up around music playing; my mother was a hippie and my father was a greaser," Pata said. "We were definitely a Beatles household, and 'Blackbird' was part of my inspiration when naming my business.”

After picking up many skillsets such as painting, pottery, silversmithing and pursuing several careers such as a medical technician, cosmetologist and even considering joining the United States Coast Guard, Pata decided she could not deny her artistic roots and needed to make her dreams of becoming a business owner a reality. Along with her husband, she dabbled with ideas of opening a salon or perhaps a flower shop, but after honing in on her jewelry-making skills and wanting more eclectic options, they decided a boutique would be the best way of tying many art forms together. Though hesitant - due to never having been in the fashion industry or marketing her jewelry - she attended a major retail show in New York City and was driven by her love of all things fashionable; she knew her vision and expertise were something to be desired.

“I really love amazing tailoring and femininity of clothing from the 1920s through the 1960s, so I am drawn to styles that are retro in design. On the flip side, I also love the super clean lines of modern fashion and current trends," she said.

Pata’s style and vision may seem unorthodox compared to other retailers and market trends, but much like her own life and personality, her clothes and decor are a fun and eclectic mix that cater to all ages and styles.

“I would like every person who walks into my boutique to find something that appeals to their unique taste," she said.

Whether it is the clothing that she carefully considers and hand picks, the candles that are gender-neutral, the assortment of shoes - all shapes and sizes, or the new extension of men’s attire, there is a little something for everyone. Walking around the store, you will see belts, headwear, purses, soaps, lotions, stationery and even honey, and many more gadgets and accessories made by local artists, vendors and West Coast designers.

“We carry more West Coast designers that your average Midwest/East Coast boutique, with quite a few of our designers not being carried anywhere else in Northeast Ohio," she said. "I am [also] currently in love with Australian fashion and trends.”

Seemingly small from the outside, the space has quite a bit to offer with lofty ceilings, several sectioned-off rooms, many windows that provide natural lighting, and even a cozy sitting/reading area in the back where you can relax as you wait for a friend to browse or just want to take in the surroundings. Much, if not all of the fixtures, furniture and decor are hand-crafted by Pata and her husband, creating an open, yet inviting space with brick walls, wooden floors and globe lighting that many would consider what I call “pin-spirations.” Some of my favorite aspects included a small, simplistic yet rustic wine rack, lighting in the dressing rooms that incorporates mason jars that would be perfect for any dorm room or loft space, and wooden slabs decorated with cute sayings and pictures that are bottle openers! I even could appreciate the earthy and unique shoe display of tree trunks cut at different heights to add eye appeal, the hats pinned on a clothing line against the wall, and ladder clothing rack.

Never having anticipated all that her boutique would aspire to be, Pata truly has felt a sense of accomplishment in all that she has set out to achieve and hopes to expand her endeavors in the future, when the time is right. For now, she is a hard-working, self-motivated, talented and down-to-earth mother, wife and business owner who is taking each day as it comes, and enjoying every part of the process.


Blackbird Fly Boutique is located at 1983 W 28th St., Cleveland, OH 44113. To learn more, visit

Monday, March 21, 2016