Local entrepreneur focuses on natural beauty

Revival Body Care, Cleveland, Ohio

Nicole Dzurko has always had an affinity for natural, organic products. When she took a close look at some of the household and cosmetic products she was using, she was surprised to see how many chemicals they really contained. She decided to do something about it, and began making her own products in her home kitchen. Her product line, Revival Body Care, is now available worldwide as well as in her store in Lakewood. See what the local beatuy entrepreneur had to tell us about launching her line, her favorite products and what it's like to run a beauty-related business in Cleveland.

What made you decide to launch Revival Body Care?

I’ve always been mindful of eating clean and organic foods. I have three daughters, so I was always really conscious of what we were putting in our bodies. I started paying more attention to ingredients in products that we were using around the house and in personal care products. I was shocked by the amount of chemicals. I started doing more research and realized how much gets absorbed into our skin and our blood stream through the air and topical application of products. That's when Revival Body Care was born in my home kitchen! 

After creating your product line, what prompted you to open your brick and mortar location?

I started as an online shop and cultivated that for the first 3+ years. I was able to grow my customer base on a national and international level via e-commerce. I also regularly participated in local events like the Cleveland Flea, which established a strong local following. After moving out of my home kitchen and into a warehouse space, I was ready to move into a space that was more conducive for the continued growth of Revival. With the launch of Revival Retreats in the warehouse, I knew that I wanted a space that was a bit more inviting. Opening the Revival Flagship allowed me to bring all of my business under one roof, offering a space to customers to shop in person, as well as having a space to provide education and community! 

Do you have a favorite Revival product, or one with a special significance? 

That is tough! I create each and every product from scratch and have poured so much love and time into each and every one of them. I can't go a day without my Goddess Facial Serums or Boho Babe Sea Salt Spray. Those are definitely my daily staples. 

What advice do you give your customers in terms of finding the right product for them?

Because my products are made with such clean and pure ingredients, they are gentle enough for most skin types. Making the switch away from chemically-laden products to the Revival line has proven to completely transform the skin of countless customers! I am always available to answer any questions to help guide them toward the best and most useful products for their particular needs. 

What advice would you give to someone starting a beauty-related business in Cleveland?

It's imperative that you are taking the time to thoroughly research every single ingredient and how the ingredients work together. From the ingredients to the proper packaging...so much time, money and effort needs to be invested in QUALITY. To sustain and have long-term success, products need to be effective and safe. Cleveland is a wonderful hub to start a business, as we have so many opportunities locally that support the growth of small businesses. Take the time to educate yourself on all of the resources available! 

What is the best piece of style advice you've ever received? 

I am a HUGE lover of all things vintage, from clothing to accessories. All of my favorite pieces in my closet are vintage...there is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect piece that fits like a glove, knowing that it is one of a kind! I believe in developing an ever-evolving personal style vs. following trends!

To learn more about Revival Body Care, visit revivalbodycare.com




Monday, July 1, 2019