Photographer helps brands look their best

Caitlin Antje, Cleveland photographer
Caitlin Antje wants to make your business look beautiful. The local photographer works with her clients to build a library of custom, consistent imagery they can use in their marketing efforts. Antje answered some questions for us about starting her own business, what makes a good photo and the importance of strong photography for a brand.
  • The Miss Model Pageant

    Althea Jones founded Gown Chic with the belief that every woman deserves to feel like a princess. She put that philosophy into action on July 31, 2010 by providing evening gowns for 10 young ladies competing in the 2010 Miss Model Pageant in Elyria, Ohio.
  • The dog days of summer

    In the dog days of summer, what better way to pass the time for fashion conscious canines than with a dog fashion show?
  • Fall trends... on a budget

    The sultry temperatures outside that continue to soar make it seem as though the summer will be endless this year, and that sundresses and tanks will be our go-to staples forever. But all of us in Northeastern Ohio know that the inevitable windswept, wet days are ahead, providing the opportunity to bundle up in more substantial threads. The summer to fall transition in terms of dressing is quite a turning point, and this year the trends shown in the catwalk are blissfully femme and beautiful.
  • One-of-a-kind style

    My Song Boutique opened its fashionable doors on May 8, 2010. Owners Jackie Bertolette and Rebecca MacMillan are passionate about fashion and are dedicated to bringing it to the local communities in Cleveland.
  • Focusing on fun

    Are you tired of the same ol’ monthly hair trim routine? Does your current hairstylist stick to traditional styles when all you want to do is take a risk and change it up? Visit Skullz Hair Salon on 125 S Water Street in Kent, Ohio. Not only do they have rockin’ stylists, but they also have a wide variety of skills and visions that set them apart from the typical hair salons. Despite their busy schedules, the salon manager Angelique was kind enough to answer questions via e-mail.
  • Fashion for a good cause

    "Evolution: Flashing Forward From Modern to Futuristic Fashion" was held on Saturday, July 17, at Anatomy, where a full house enjoyed the fabulous designs of Virginia Marti College of Art and Design students and graduates. Each collection was themed to fit a particular era, from the 1940s on.
  • Vintage inspiration

    On most Saturday afternoons, Marie Albano DDS can be found at the Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood, dancing to her own distinctive beat. We caught up with her as she was getting ready to ride off in her 2009 laser jet blue Corvette. The vintage textile, clothing and accessory collector, known as “fashion diva” to her friends, was dressed for versatility and style.
  • Something fabulous

    The bridal boutique Something White hosted a fabulous - yet intimate-feeling - soiree on Thurs., July 8, to celebrate the store's grand opening.
  • Rehab Vintage

    The address 154A Main Street, Kent, Ohio, may not mean a lot to you, but maybe it should. In the heart of downtown Kent, in the new Acorn Alley, sits a little vintage shop by the name of Rehab Vintage. This store contains many unique, vintage and even some one-of-a-kind pieces. Their pieces are just as unique as their monthly music and art festivals! This is not your average second-hand clothing shop!