Indigo Perfumery provides aromatic inspiration

Indigo Perfumery, Lakewood, Ohio

Perfumes are like personalities; they are each different, unique and tell a story through our body chemistry. Being somewhat of a fragrance snob myself, I've always gravitated away from mainstream blends and wanted to find my own "signature scent" that wasn't available in every department store and in every magazine ad. This is something that Ann Onusko, owner of Indigo Perfumery, also wanted to bring to her consumers and was drawn to deliver.

"When traveling through Europe, I would always search out local perfumeries and preferred fragrances created with passion by small, artisan companies," Onusko said. I was elated when I found out there was a place where I could experience my fragrance journey and have the option to choose from many different blends and aromas, without having to choose from synthetic options and the trends of mainstream culture.

"We can afford to be more adventurous, trying new and upcoming perfume houses with the goal of bringing in the best and most interesting creations,” Onusko said. Some of the countries represented are Italy, France, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, the U.K. and many more.

My days of surfing the web for a fragrance that sounded like the embodiment of all my attributes through notes and ingredients listed to sound amazing, only to end up smelling like a dusty old library when I got to try it on, were over! I came across this hidden gem one day when I was driving through Lakewood, lost as usual, and the word "Indigo" caught my eye.

"The name Indigo Perfumery was chosen for its gorgeous, complex color combination of blue and violet,” Onusko said. “Its non‐gender specific attribute and color refers to the highest level of consciousness and perception."

The name of the store did just that: it made me aware of its presence and I was drawn to go in. Approaching the store with much anticipation and excitement for my fragrance journey to begin, I opened the door to the quaintest, yet most prestigious-looking and well decorated boutique I could ever imagine. I wasn't sure where to focus my eyes because there was so much beauty emanating in all directions; from the large chandelier, to the high, intricate tin ceilings where long, beaded curtains and silk scarves hung, to the sponged assortment of colors on the walls that looked like a water painting, to the rich wooden floors and antique decor; it was the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. I not only needed to find the perfect perfume, but I needed to know who the interior decorator was, which, as I found out later, was Onusko and her husband.

Already enamored by decorum, I couldn't take my eyes off all the collections of bottles, shapes and sizes; each display building curiosity within me. I began in the center and worked my way outwards, approaching a table with a perfume arrangement surrounded by flowers that looked like they were growing from soft, white stones and a perfumer named "Gabriella Chieffo," I then mosied on to the right where a Parisian display of fragrances by "Les Cocottes de Paris" were displayed in bottles with a vintage atomizer, further down passing sapphire colored containers with shiny, gold tops by "Shay And Blue," bottles filled with sparkly crystals by "Viktoria Minya." Wrapping around the back of the store, I came to a group of aromatherapy oils by "Vitruvi," A worldly looking collection of bottles with philosophers by "I profumi di Firenze," candles, soaps and black, boxy bottles by "Kerosene,"  just to name a few.

How was I to choose? I went from not having enough options to having so many I couldn't decide! Luckily, Onusko approached me with the option of having my first four samples free and educated me on her "Mix Your Own Scent" workshops, where I could have the help of a local perfumer to create my own scent, or "Indigo's Scent Quarter" which provided me the opportunity to make my own from individual perfume ingredients notes. I couldn't even contain my excitement as I received my samples, purchased extras, took all the marketing materials available to me and walked out of a fragrance illusion. This was truly a fragrance journey completed. I can now proudly say I have found my signature fragrance, and it's called "The Architects Club" by Arquiste.

Indigo Perfumery is located at 12011 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107. Learn more about the store at

Wednesday, March 16, 2016