Local beauty line uses all natural ingredients

Kimberley Rose, natural bath and body products, Cleveland, Ohio

Kim Malone had a problem: she and her family couldn't use most beauty products because of their sensitivities to certain ingredients. Her solution? Create her own products, featuring only natural ingredients. Today, she sells natural soaps, body butters, candles and more through her line Kimberley Rose.

Malone answered some questions for us about creating new products, giving customers advice and running a business in Cleveland. See what she had to say:

What made you decide to open your product line?

Like most entrepreneurs, my inspiration for this product line was born out of necessity. My family and I have always had a sensitivity to perfumes and excessive chemicals. Therefore, I started using products with the least [number of] ingredients or made my own. In time, I developed a healthy obsession for all things natural; this obsession became a hobby, then a business. I partnered with my daughter, a holistic massage therapist (Massage by Kamry), and together we promote relaxation and all natural skincare such as soaps, body butters, salves, bath bombs and all natural soy candles.

How do you decide what products to develop? What's your process for developing new scents and products?

In deciding what products to develop, my first goal is to "scent with intent." I want the product to look and smell good while still filling a skincare need. Secondly, I listen to my customers. When suggestions or requests are made, I take note, then compare it to my aromatherapy research. If I come up with a purposeful blend that is true to my brand, then I'll launch a new product.

What advice do you give your customers in terms of finding the right product for them?

In finding the right product, I advise my customers to read our ingredient list to check for anything they my be allergic to. Our labels state the essential oil used, and many times its traditional use is outlined on our website. Once that's out of the way, it's generally safe for them to follow their nose! If they like the scent, we're positive they'll love how it makes their skin look and feel.

What advice would you give to someone starting a beauty-related business in Cleveland?

My advice to someone starting a beauty-related business in Cleveland is to continue their education and network as often as possible. This will help keep them up-to-date on beauty trends and the ever-changing world of marketing and technology. And last, but not least, stick to it! Work through the slow times and learn from the mistakes.


Learn more about Kimberley Rose at www.kimberleyr.com

Kimberley Rose is a member of The Keep It Local Project. The Keep It Local Project connects local people to local businesses in the Greater Cleveland area that drive our economy. To learn more, visit www.keepitlocalcleveland.com.

Thursday, January 31, 2019