Tremont’s modern treasure


Hidden only 10 minutes away from practically anywhere in Cleveland is the small, yet lively, community of Tremont. Filled with architecturally stunning churches and homes, award-winning restaurants and art galleries, Tremont is also home to one of the most sophisticated boutiques in Cleveland.

Banyan Tree houses the perfect mix of modern but sensible clothing, accessories, and home goods. Whether you’re looking to embellish a room in your home or buy a birthday present for your trendy niece, Banyan Tree is the perfect store to visit. 

A walk down the old-world inspired Professor Avenue is enough to put anyone in the mood to be enthused, exactly what occurs when the beautiful store fronts of Banyan Tree are in sight. In a recent visit, owner Christie Murdoch was kind enough to answer a few questions to help Clevelanders become more familiar with her inspirational vision for Banyan Tree. 

When did you open Banyan Tree, and why did you choose Tremont as the location? 
We opened Banyan Tree in May of 2001, We decided to open the store in Tremont because of the potential we saw here. In 2001, there was a mixture of established businesses and stores just starting out, but it was apparent the promise of this artistic community. 

What kind of customer do you think of while choosing items for the store? 
I buy for a somewhat broad demographic, anywhere from the young professional to an empty nester. I usually envision a client and buy items they would add to their wardrobe or home. I also focus on seasons, with smaller gift items for the holidays and larger items during the summer wedding season. 

What is the typical customer in search of at Banyan Tree? 
I think most of our customers are looking to add unique items to their closet, jewelry collection or home. While some buy their entire wardrobe here, most people are in search of an item they can’t find anywhere else. 

What brands or artists do you wish to highlight in the store? 
We’ve recently started our own brand of clothing and jewelry, called Figwood. We work with a designer to help translate our vision into actual pieces; it’s very exciting! In addition to Figwood, we carry some well known brands, but try to highlight local artists. Customers really appreciate having the ability to buy from artisans of Cleveland and the surrounding areas. 

Where do you see Banyan Tree in the future? Any thoughts of expansion? 
We are definitely going to keep just one store. In terms of expansion, we are considering putting the Figwood brand into other boutiques. Also we are in the process of creating a quite substantial online store to reach a variety of customers. 

What is your favorite part of owning Banyan Tree? 
Everyday there is something exciting for me to do or plan. I am always looking at the next season, and ways to improve the store. I also get to travel quite a bit. We take a yearly trip to Indonesia, as well as visit many shows in U.S. cities: New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, etc. 

Are there any events at Banyan Tree coming up you would like to make Clevelanders aware of?
Every second Friday of the month Tremont hosts the Tremont Art Hop. The Hop starts at 6 p.m. and goes until 10 p.m. All the galleries, boutiques and restaurants stay open for the festivities. And in July will be the 8th Annual Taste of Tremont. 

For more information please visit or find Banyan Tree on Facebook for the latest updates! 

Banyan Tree
2242 Professor Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Telephone: 216-241-1209 

Store Hours:
Monday-Thursday 11-7
Thursday-Saturday 11-9
Sunday 11-4

Thursday, June 17, 2010