Eclectic Mixx Grand Opening


The window to Eclectic Mixx is anything but ordinary, it’s extraordinary! 

As the Lakewood High School Jazz Band set the mood in the courtyard during Eclectic Mixx's grand opening party on June 5, the partygoers absorbed the new shop while enjoying sangrias and hors d'oeuvres. 

Eclectic Mix owner, Bill Brenner, proclaimed, "The opening party was a huge success. I think we had over 100 people and the jazz band was a huge hit." Many of the local artists attended the opening.

The jewelry found at Eclectic Mixx is both costume and made by local designers such as Beaches, Inc. from Ashtabula and Gemstone Jewelry by Peggy Laboda. You can find vintage hats displayed throughout the store along with Blue Orchid Handbags that are only featured in Cleveland and Martha’s Vineyard. 

Owner Bill Brenner hopes to make his latest creation a "nice fun place for people to come browse around and shop with a casual atmosphere…no pressure." 

Eclectic Mixx is a new hot spot to shop, so do not be the last to stop in.

Thursday, June 11, 2009