Beautifully drawn


The fashion illustrations of Suzanne Gilbert and Salvador Miguel are now on display at the Geode Gallery in Tremont. 

Gallery owner Gillian Barnes had seen the work of both illustrations and wanted to show them together because they are neat and fit together. When asked what her favorite piece was, Barnes had a tough time. She picked her favorite piece from both artists: Fall from Grace by Miguel and an untitled watercolor by Gilbert. 

The turn out for the opening on Aug. 1, 2009, was good, and the crowd seemed to enjoy the illustrations.

Suzanne Gilbert was among the guests at Geode Gallery Saturday evening. She was previously an adjunct professor at Ursuline College for 10 years and now teaches fashion illustrations at Orange Art Center. 

Geode Gallery carries a variety of artworks (paintings, sketches, jewelry, t-shirts, handbags, etc.) from local, national and even international artists. Barnes said she likes to, "promote hometown, but does not stay in the box." 

This fall she hopes to incorporate more clothing into Geode Gallery.

Geode Gallery is located at 755 Starkweather, Cleveland, OH 44113. Call (440) 667-1651 or visit for show details.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009