Believe in Cleveland


Believe in Cleveland. That is how Timothy Kilkenny and a handful of local designers feel about the city of Cleveland. 

A month ago, they founded a web-based business called Collision Bend Clothing. The shirts they design are meant to be fun with Cleveland history and the suburbs. 

One of the best sellers is a tee shirt with the slogan ‘Parma: Where Bill Clinton Once Made a Pierogi Run.' Two days after printing that slogan about twenty orders were placed. People have e-mailed and contacted them on Facebook and Twitter with ideas for suburb slogans. Collision Bend Clothing now has over 30 different suburban shirts.

The designers have branched out and made tee shirts for high school graduations and movie premieres. Young adults seem to be the main buyers of Collision Bend Clothing tee shirts. Kilkenny thinks that the younger age group enjoys the tee shirts because they, "do not dwell on the city’s past mistakes, and we want to embrace the culture here in Cleveland."

Business has picked up rapidly for Collision Bend Clothing, and many of the designers have had to cut back on their day job hours. 

Kilkenny said, “I initially started [Collision Bend Clothing] as a way to help aid the positive thinking campaign many people my age (22) have adopted in Cleveland, although I want it to become a success just like any business owner would. The idea of people walking around Northeast Ohio with our shirts on is the part that excites me the most. Just knowing that we created something that spreads good vibes about our city is the most rewarding part of Collision Bend Clothing.” 

In the future, they are hoping to also design hats, jackets and even shoes. 

It is refreshing to see young adults take action and support Cleveland in a fashionable and cool way. If you want to stay hip and support the city of Cleveland, buy a Collision Bend Clothing tee shirt.

Thursday, August 27, 2009