Girl Next Door


The Girl Next Door boutique is located in the heart of Rocky River in Old Detroit Rd. This year, it was voted one of the "Best of the West" places to shop. 

The shop was founded by sisters Laura and Lisa Pikul, both graduates of Kent State University with fashion degrees. The sisters previously lived in California for many years before returning to Cleveland and opening a shop five years ago. 

Originally from Cleveland, Lisa and Laura decided to move back and open a shop closer to their mom. They wanted to bring the ‘Cali’ lifestyle to the area, plus Laura said it is expensive to open a shop in L.A. The sisters wanted to be in a laid back area near the water. Rocky River provides both. 

The shop's name, Girl Next Door, has a twofold meaning. When Lisa first moved to California she lived by the beach next to surfers. They did not know her name and would simply call her the girl next door. The nickname stayed with her. The second meaning behind the name was the iconic girl. Around the opening of the shop is when celebrities girls started to come out; such as Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes or Jennifer Aniston. They each come across as a girl next door, but you want their closets. 

The boutique offers fashion and glam for suburban women. The shop offers high-end fashion merchandise. The customer base seems to be "young professionals and young mothers that are in tune with fashion," says Laura. 

They enjoy feedback from customers and if a customer is interested in a certain designer, Lisa and Laura will investigate. They like independent designers that have a Californian edge. 

Jeans are one of their strong runners. There is a great selection: Joe Jeans, Citizens, William Rast, and newer line Dylan George. Laura said you will see high school girls asking their moms to buy them the latest jeans because celebs like Vanessa Hudgens wear them. 

The customers can be the Pikul girls' fashion inspiration because they are who they deal with and are everyday girls. Not all trends fit each body type and they'd rather have their customer feel comfortable with the fit.
Items in the shop have a one-of-a-kind feel, which fashionistas love. Laura really likes the jewelry and Kooba handbags this season.

One of Laura’s favorite styles for the season is the LBD. The store carries many versions of the classic jazzed up with sequins, ruffles, bondage cuts, neat hemlines and necklines. 

Lisa likes the look of Emma Watson (from the Harry Potter movies and the new face of Burberry). 

"She is young and skinny but the looks she wears fit her well," Lisa says of Watson's spread in Elle magazine. "She is young and can pull off many styles."

At Girl Next Door, you can find items to add to your wardrobe that retail stores do not carry. It's one of the best kept secrets in Cleveland. You can either spread the word or keep this gem "hush-hush."

Girl Next Door is located at 19034 Old Detroit Rd. in Rocky River.

Monday, January 4, 2010