Age with style


I have first-handedly witnessed women who have committed fashion faux pas by trying to look like they were in their early 20s again… when they weren’t. Whether it was by squeezing into a pair of destructed purple skinny jeans or wearing a heart and star printed hoodie, it wasn’t pretty. 

Taking good care of ourselves as we age is important for several reasons, and for those fashionistas out there, appearance is one of them. Exercise and a proper diet can keep you in good health, and age defying moisturizer can reduce your wrinkles, but shopping in the juniors department, when you are clearly not a “junior” anymore, will not make you look better in the fashion world. 

It’s inevitable: we are aging every day and it’s impossible to beat the hands of time, but it is possible to dress fashionably and age appropriate as your trying.

Whatever your age may be, embrace it and show off how great it can look. You want to make heads turn in a positive aspect, wondering how old you really are, because you look so good and put together, not because you are obviously wearing the wrong outfit. 

You can definitely keep up with the trends regardless of your age, you just have to realize what trend is right for you. A bohemian trend of exotic prints, flowy blouses and long skirts will be more suited for a woman in her 40s, than paint splattered skinny jeans, tight t-shirts and converse. To many, this is just obvious, but some do believe chasing the younger trends will portray you to look that way as well, and it’s not the case. 

New York & CompanyAnn Taylor Loft and The Limited are all great options to keep up with your style, without reaching over the edge of the younger customer. There comes a time when you need to part ways with Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal.

Wearing the wrong size can also make an impact on your style and appearance. Our body shape will change over the years, and you have to make the proper adjustments in your wardrobe as well. If you were a size medium and have increased to a size large, please buy the size large. Struggling to fit into the wrong size will not be complimenting at all. You may not be happy with the current size, but you need to dress for the “now." 

If you are in the opposite situation, the same rule applies. Dress for the size you are. If you are in between sizes, and continue to wear clothes that are too big, you are making yourself look bigger overall. Baggy, extremely loose fits tend to make the body appear larger than it really is. 

The most important tool for keeping your stylish appearance at any age is confidence. Aging is something we have no control over, but we do have control over how we age. Be proud of your number of the year and stop chasing the age you were.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010