Goodwill Styling Competition

The most recent fashion show at Kent State came with a twist: no designers allowed. 

A committee of five fashion students hosted the Goodwill Styling Competition on April 8, 2010 in the auditorium at Rockwell Hall. Co-producers Brittany Mizelle and Laura Toomey said this is the first fashion show of its kind at Kent State because contestants could only be fashion merchandising majors. 

“We kind of wanted to give the merchandisers a chance to do something because we feel like it’s always focused on the designers, and so this is a different venue for them to express themselves,” Mizelle said. 

Their goal was to raise money for the fashion school’s annual spring show, Re:Create, which takes place at the end of April. They made nearly $1,000. 

Thirty-eight looks from 24 stylists were featured on the catwalk, as some students entered more than one outfit. Contestants had to purchase clothing from a thrift store and turn it into a fashionable look without taking it apart. The only sewing they could do was hemming. 

“It has to have the original shape…so if they want to make it smaller or bigger they have to be creative about it like cut it or use bobby pins, stuff like that,” Toomey said.

A panel of four design students chose three winners who will have their outfits displayed in an exhibit in the lobby of Cartwright Hall before and after Re:Create. First place winner Remah Doleh also gets an interview on

Doleh’s look was one of the few menswear outfits at the show. She said her inspiration came from two of the fashion industry’s most well-known designers.

“I wanted to do a collegiate look and Marc Jacobs had a huge influence on that. Same with Tom Ford- I wanted to do classic and collegiate,” Doleh said.

Julia Dougherty placed second for her French-themed look, and Nan Ten took third for her trendy outfit with ripped tights and a cropped jacket.

Friday, April 23, 2010