Beauty entrepreneur develops natural products

Natural beauty products, OY-L

Andrea Pierce-Naymon is passionate about natural beauty products. She began developing her beauty line for personal reasons and before long, her locally-based brand, OY-L, was established. The beauty entrepreneur was kind enough to answer some questions for us about why natural products are important to her, what it's like starting a style business, and her best beauty advice. See what she had to say:


What made you decide to launch OY-L? 

When my youngest daughter was in high school, she became so sick and for two years, no one could diagnose her. In fact, she was misdiagnosed. So while I was sitting in the hospital and doctor offices, I became so frustrated that I started reading labels on everything, thinking it could be something she was consuming. I was horrified when I started Googling the ingredients that were on these labels. Things from food to household products to cosmetics had toxic ingredients in them. I started reading about natural ingredients, turned my kids old playroom into a lab (lol) and OY-L was born. 

Do you have a favorite OY-L product, or one with a special significance? 

That is a tough one! I am going to say it is my body butter. That was my first product, and it took a long time to perfect. It is the one that got me my first investor that enabled me to get a real lab, website and get rebranded. It is also the one that got me the greatest compliment. I gave it to my sister-in-law who had terrible eczema and it went away after using it. She asked what was in it and I said all natural plant-based oils. She told me it had changed her life!! 

OY-L products are sustainable and all natural. Why are these features important to you? 

I wanted to make sure my products were all natural, cruelty-free, sustainable and recyclable. There is so much waste in this world, I wanted to be part of the change. I wanted my ingredients to be sustainable so that natural resources weren't depleted, no testing on animals because I am an animal rescuer, and all natural because we don't need chemicals in our products for them to be effective. 

What's the best beauty advice you've ever received? 

Always, always, always take your makeup off at night! 

What advice would you give someone starting a beauty-related business in Northeast Ohio? 

Do lots of research, talk to others who have started a business, be realistic about what everything costs and have a support system. I had lots of friends and family that kept telling me I really had something and I should market it. You do really need that push and confidence. 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019