3 Tips for Staying Stylish While Pregnant

Local blogger Anastasia Wiley shares her pregnancy style tips

As a fashion blogger who has become an expecting mother, I have received many inquiries from followers and friends on how to dress while pregnant.

I must admit, this has become a challenge even for myself. Nothing can prepare you for an ever-growing baby bump. Many changes happen to the body during pregnancy besides the bump, and at times it becomes frustrating when trying to get dressed for the day. Now I am no expert on “maternity fashion” - I’m learning just like many other soon to be mothers - but as a fashion influencer, I have developed a few tips that I use when dressing in maternity wear. I wanted to share the three tips that have helped me look and feel stylish during my early months of pregnancy:

1. Accessorize

While shopping maternity fashions, I found that many retailers offer basic pieces. They do offer a few trendy pieces, but for the most part maternity fashion consist of leggings, pants, tees and tanks. These basic pieces are the most inexpensive items to shop for in most cases. Shopping maternity can get a bit expensive, especially for something you're only going to wear for nine months.

That’s where accessorizing becomes key to staying stylish while pregnant. Many retailers who sell maternity offer two-for-one or three-for-one deals when it comes to buying basics; snag a couple of solid color tees and tanks for less than $20 and accessorize them with a trendy new bag or hat. Some of my favorite accessories are jewelry and scarves. You can dress up any boring tee with some fun accessories and make it new and fresh for any occasion.  

2. Layers are Key

Just like accessories can enhance an outfit, so can a fun jacket or vest. The best part about these pieces is you can utilize what’s already in your own closet to freshen up your pregnancy look. By adding a tailored blazer, you can dress up an outfit for a night out, or add a fun kimono to your look for brunch with the girls. I have so many cardis, jackets, vests and button-down wovens; my outfit possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to remix your current wardrobe while dressing maternity.

3. Don’t Hide the Bump

I have witnessed many of my friends who have been pregnant before me trying to hide their bumps with oversized frumpy clothes. YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING! It is one of the greatest miracles of life; don’t hide it, show it off! I think nothing is more stylish than a pregnant woman showing off her bump.

Whenever I wear oversized or flowy pieces, I feel bigger than I actually am, but when I put on a body con dress or skirt, I’ve never felt sexier. It’s a different feeling when you're pregnant to show off your midsection; I was always one to hide it with flowy tops when I wasn’t pregnant, and now that I am, I can’t help but show it off. Being comfortable in your own skin and showing off the proof of how amazing you are is the most stylish thing you can do while pregnant. So, say no to the frumpy sweater, and yes to the fitted black dress!


I hope my tips have inspired you and help you to be stylish while dressing maternity. These three tips are just the beginning of what I’ve learned through my journey with maternity fashion, be sure to follow my blog www.styledbystacyblog.com to see more of my struggles and triumphs when it comes to maternity dressing.  


Photos by Ashley Shaw

Saturday, September 30, 2017