Blog Spotlight: Blame it on Barneys

Cleveland fashion Blog Spotlight: Blame it on Barneys
Lauren Letizio recently moved her family - and her well-established fashion blog, Blame it on Barneys - from San Diego to Cleveland. She was kind enough to chat with us via email about starting a blog, creating good content and how moving to Cleveland has changed her.
  • Bold Beauty, Resin Resilience

    Cleveland Street Glass
    At the intersection of the finest art and fashion, lies the bold ingenuity to elevate materials from ordinary to gorgeous, and Cleveland-based jeweler and artist, Deanna Dionne, accomplishes that and more with her unparalleled company, Cleveland Street Glass.
  • Blog Spotlight: The Heart's Delight

    Cleveland fashion blog: The Hearts Delight
    A former Wall Street executive, Stella Compiseno began blogging in 2013 after moving to Northeast Ohio with her family. The Heart's Delight serves as a creative outlet for Compiseno to share her style tips and fashion inspiration, all while functioning as a natural extension of her styling business.
  • Summer Trend Spotlight: Relaxed Fit

    Summer Trend Spotlight: Relaxed Fits
    We've rounded up some of our favorite relaxed fit looks, one of the major trends this summer.
  • Remington offers free back-to-school haircuts

    Remington College is once again offering free back-to-school haircuts for students 17 and younger during the month of August for its eighth annual Cuts for Kids event.
  • Ohio-themed sneaker unveiled

    Refinery29 and Adidas have unveiled a collection of one-of-a-kind sneakers - take a look at the Ohio-themed sneaker.
  • Summer Trend Spotlight: Feminine Dresses

    Summer Trend Spotlight: Feminine Dresses
    Dresses are ultra feminine this summer, and we've rounded up some of our favorite local looks.
  • Summer Trend Spotlight: Floral Prints

    Summer Trend Spotlight: Floral Prints
    Floral prints are in this season, and we've found fabulous examples, as worn by local Instagrammers.
  • Blog spotlight: Natty Gal

    Natty Gal, Cleveland fashion blog
    Elizabeth Ramsey began her blog as a personal means for creative expression. When some of her friends found her blog online, they encouaged her to promote it publicly, and at the beginning of 2017, she did just that. Ramsey chatted with us about starting her blog, finding inspiration and sharing style advice.
  • Red, White and Blue Style Inspiration

    4th of July, Cleveland, Ohio
    Happy Independence Day! To celebrate, we've rounded up some of our favorite red, white and blue looks from local Instagrammers. Find some inspiration for your holiday looks below: