Innovations '11

Ursuline College fashion students showcased their work at Innovations '11 on Sunday, May 1. 

The first three acts of the show were the results of collaborative efforts among different classes. The first act, titled "Candy Never Goes Out of Style," featured a collection of candy-embellished pieces. The second act, "Good Style," consisted of redesigned finds from Goodwill stores. The third act was presented by students in the draping and flat pattern classes; each piece began with an idea which evolved to a collection of sketches critiqued by faculty members.

The second portion of the program consisted of senior studio collections. The collections presented, in order of appearance, were:

The Spring Bloom Collection by Jacquelyn Bradny
Bradny found inspiration in the work of Christian Dior and utilized dark purples and blues in her pieces.

Secret Harmony by Jody Scimone
Scimone's collection gravitated toward a bohemian look, featuring a combination of bright and dull colors and lots of movement.

S(HE) by Rochelle Beres
Vintage clothing and the history of women wearing men's clothing inspired Beres to create her collection.

Midnight Monet by Melissa Watson
Watson found inspiration in Monet's watercolor paintings and focused on comfort, quality and trends in her pieces.

Olive Women by Tanisha Williams
Williams strove to create a collection for the ideal woman: elegant but edgy, sophisticated but casual.

The event was presented by the students of Ursuline College's School of Graduate and Professional Studies Fashion Program. It was held at the Athletic Center on campus and featured Pamela Ferguson Gordon, a 1999 Ursuline graduate, as the guest commentator.

All proceeds from the show benefited the Mary Zalar Sterle Endowed Fashion Scholarship Fund.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011